Accelerated Keto 3 Pack

$202.38 $224.85 -10% OFF

Accelerated Keto 3 Pack

$202.38 $224.85 -10% OFF

The #1 Keto Supplement in the U.S.

Say goodbye to the keto flu, boost ketones and accelerate the power of your keto lifestyle with Accelerated Keto 3-pack - the only supplement specifically formulated to support and enhance a Keto diet with additional fat-burning ingredients to enhance results.

  • Carbohydrate-free and very low in calories
  • Supports a low-carb diet
  • Provides energy for muscles and brain
  • Helps stimulate a metabolic shift away from glucose dependence
  • Provides a constant source of clean energy that lasts for 8-12 hours
  • Allows the cells to produce 10 times the amount of energy than from glucose
  • Supports cognitive health allowing the brain to use ketones for energy
  • Prevents brain fog
  • Reduces cravings for carbs and sugars
  • Helps with appetite control allowing for easy intermittent fasting
  • Helps to make it easier to stick to a Ketogenic diet
  • GoBHB ketone bodies supply an immediate boost of energy


Accelerated Keto® 3 Pack is a registered trademark of Accelerated Health Products LLC.


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1. L-Threonine

L-Threonine is an amino acid, not l-theanine that most people are familiar with.  L-Threonine is known as the ultimate aging supplement because it de-fats the liver. It is lipotropic, meaning it breaks down saturated fats into unsaturated fats. 


These unsaturated fats are easier for the body to utilize, as l-threonine converts the solid stored fat in the body into a liquid unsaturated fat, which is then easier for the body to burn.  Imagine a wax candle that is solid, and when we light the candle, the solid wax (fat) turns into a liquid, which is then taken up by the wick to burn easily.  Because of this property, L-Threonine is able to de-fat the liver as well.  It is well known that the liver has to convert stored fat into energy or ketones.  It is the liver that produces the Ketones from fats.  


The more a person's liver is defatted or unclogged, the easier it is for the liver to function in all areas including producing ketones.  The liver is also where the thyroid hormone converts from t4 to t3, and as the liver function becomes better, the thyroid works better as well, increasing metabolism further.


2. Organic Kelp Minerals. (Laminaria) 

Laminaria is added to the Accelerated Keto formula in order to not only supply iodine to the thyroid, but to also provide the trace minerals and nutrition that are the keys to unlock the potential of the ketones.  Ketones need enzymes to work, and enzymes can not work without proper trace minerals.  


Our Organic Kelp supplies 150 mcg of iodine per serving, and is sun dried and processed during the day.  Our kelp contains twice the levels of trace minerals compared to other kelp products.  It is important to supply the body with minerals while using exogenous ketones, which can deplete the body's mineral reserves during ketosis.


3. Mukul Cammiphora

Mukul Cammiphora is a rare Ayurvedic herb also known as Guggul.  Guggul is known to break down fats in the body, and provide an energy spark to burn those fats that it breaks down. It also supports joint and muscle health.  


Regular use acts as a "RasaYana", or whole body rejuvenator. In Ayurvedic Medicine it is known to have a "Hot" or "Fire" element potency, and in this formula, it is the match that lights the Keto process.  We use an Organic highly concentrated extract.  Most others are brown in color, but ours is pure white with extreme activity not seen in other Guggul.  No other Ketogenic formula contains this amazing herbal resin accelerant. It detoxifies the body and liver.  Mukul also balances the Kalpha, or water element in the body, acting as a slight diuretic.


4. Trikatu

Trikatu literally means the “three pungents.” Another Ayurvedic medicinal formula containing ginger, black pepper (Kali Mirch), and long pepper (pippali).  


These herbs heat up the digestive "fire", thus allowing for an extremely high absorption of Ketones and other cofactors, as well as increasing the metabolic rate.  Therefore, it helps amplify the effectiveness of the total formula.  It is not how many ketones we ingest, it is how many ketones we can absorb and utilize.  This is why ours is the strongest Keto capsule on the market, not only providing double the ketones as most capsules, but also much better absorption.  


Trikatu also balances the three doshas and especially helps to clear excess water weight.

Trikatu naturally supports healthy digestion, absorption, and assimilation, and supports a healthy metabolism as well as improving digestion of regular meals, helping to prevent undigested food turning to "AMA", which gets stored in the body as fat.


5. PurCaf caffeine

PurCaf is a natural form of caffeine derived from organic green coffee beans.  Most Keto products contain caffeine to boost the metabolic effect of the ketones.  Although, unlike ours, they use the synthetic form of caffeine, which can cause jitters, and the dreaded caffeine crash.  


Because we use a real organic plant made caffeine with all the natural cofactors, we get all the benefits of caffeine without the side effects of synthetic caffeine-- longer effectiveness, and better absorption and utilization.  Because of this, we only need to use less than a quarter of the amount in a cup of coffee per serving. Furthermore, PurCaf is Certified Organic and GRAS certified.  Real Organic green coffee caffeine extract is far more expensive than synthetic lab made caffeine, but well worth the price.  


6. TeaCrine™

Teacrine™ is a patent pending compound containing pure Teacrine, which can be found naturally in Camellia assamica, kutcha tea, coffee, and certain exotic fruits. A nature identical compound, Teacrine™ improves energy, mental clarity, mood, and motivation.  We have found that Teacrine works synergistically with our PurCaf providing a unique energy experience.


While Teacrine has molecular similarities to caffeine, the subtle yet significant differences has energy boosting effects without the jitters and crash associated with synthetic caffeine. Also the energy boosting effects have been shown to last for hours. Combined with the ketones, it amplifies clarity and mental focus.  Also, combined with the Purcaf and Dynamine, sustained energy is experienced, making it easier for intermittent fasting while curbing appetite.


7. Dynamine™

This is methylliberine, a pure alkaloid found in the Kucha leaf. Its molecular structure is similar to TeaCrine™, and is believed to behave in similar ways. Like theacrine, methylliberine may amplify feelings of energy, focus, and mood by activating dopamine and other key neurotransmitters, all without elevating blood pressure or heart rate.  


With the increase in mood, we feel more satiated. Again, we do not need to use a lot in this formula, as the synergistic effects with the other ingredients make the effects very noticeable with an additional increase in metabolism.  It seems that these novel compounds make the exogenous ketones perform better.

It gives the formula the quick burst in energy perfect for taking right before a workout.  Also it helps to motivate us to actually workout.  


8. Organic Cayenne 

Organic Cayenne is a concentrated powerful cayenne extract that provides additional "Heat" to the formula.  Working synergistically with the Trikatu, it provides for better assimilation of the other ingredients, while providing additional metabolic support and circulation support.  Capsaicin is the active compound that gives cayenne its medicinal properties.


Capsaicin creates diet induced thermogenesis, which helps to convert triglycerides (fats) into energy (ketones), thus increasing metabolism, one more match to light out ketogenic fire.  Many studies have shown that Organic Cayenne can reduce hunger.  Additionally, it helps to reduce blood pressure, while supplying additional vitamins and minerals to the overall formula and acting as a true cofactor that allows the other ingredients to work together and better.


9.  B-hydroxy b-methylbutyrate

This is a conjugate base naturally produced by humans.  Its metabolites, like acetyl-coa, is directly involved in the ketogenic process and helps the body produce its own ketones.  This compound has been shown to have many benefits including preventing muscle loss.


It is known that when on a weight loss program or ketogenic program, that not only fat is lost, but muscle loss can occur as well.  This amazing compound helps to prevent this muscle loss and support lean muscle mass.  Again, here is another synergistic compound that makes the whole formula work better.


Looking at this formula closely, we can see that it is balanced, powerful, and effective.  If you have been looking for a ketogenic formula that is easy to use, this is it.


Quality makes all the difference when it comes to natural health products, and Accelerated Keto uses the highest quality ingredients found to create a product superior to the competition.  The formulator of Accelerated Keto has been working with exogenous ketones for 7 years, longer than most companies creating cheap imitation Keto health products. 


Also, years of research has gone into this formula while being tested on individuals to fine tune the formula.  Percentages and the correct amounts of each ingredient provides the true synergistic effect.  Accelerated Keto, even though it increases energy, mental focus, and mood, is specifically designed to get over the Keto slump.  The Keto slump is the place many people find themselves after losing 10 or 20 pounds on a Ketogenic diet and then plateau out.  No matter how strict one eats or how hard the exercise program, weight loss slows to a crawl.


Accelerated Keto easily puts the body back into a ketogenic state by increasing metabolism and the conversion of saturated fats to unsaturated fats, supplying ketones and energy that helps break through the Keto slump.

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