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Power Bundle - 4-piece kit: Acceleradine Ancient Salt Silver Thyroid Power Bundle - 5-piece kit: Acceleradine Ancient Salt Silver Keto Thyroid Power Bundle - 6-piece kit: Acceleradine Ancient Salt Silver Keto Thyroid Cogniblast

Power Bundle



Power Bundle - 4-piece kit: Acceleradine Ancient Salt Silver Thyroid Power Bundle - 5-piece kit: Acceleradine Ancient Salt Silver Keto Thyroid Power Bundle - 6-piece kit: Acceleradine Ancient Salt Silver Keto Thyroid Cogniblast

The Power bundle increases boosts the immune system, addresses most diseases, increases mental and physical energy, and provides daily detox simultaneously. With the added Accelerated Keto, the results are enhanced significantly.

What’s included in the Power Bundle 4-Piece Kit:


Acceleradine is the wildcard in supporting the immune system. It is antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-allergenic, anti-histamine, mucolytic, hydrating (2006, Miller), detoxifying, energy producing and performs a unique function known as healthy apoptosis. Healthy apoptosis, which is the natural death of traumatized and unhealthy cells, is the premise of rapid wound healing as well as disease reversal as shown in the 2003 UCLA study with lung cancer. (2003, Zhang).

There is no pathogen resistant to iodine (Derry). Iodine was used to protect people from the 1918 influenza pandemic that killed over 30 million people.

Iodine is a more powerful antioxidant than Vitamin C, Vitamin E and phosphatidylcholine (David Brownstein). Iodine is also a more powerful antioxidant than any oxygen therapies such as ozone (2006, Miller).

All of these immune boosting benefits are in addition to Iodine’s key role for the metabolism and thyroid, the key endocrine gland for the immune system.  The thyroid produces T4 (4 stands for 4 iodine atoms), and, without iodine, the thyroid is unable to produce T4 that is necessary for the immune system.

Accelerated Scalar Silver®

Not only does Accelerated Scalar Silver® have an alkaline pH of 8.0, creating an environment that foreign pathogens may not be able to survive in, but it is programmed with Bio Informational Scalar technology to further help strengthen the Immune System and devitalize foreign pathogens. Furthermore, we use micro-clustered water technology to lower the surface tension for better absorption. No other silver company does this.

Accelerated Ancient Salt

Accelerated Ancient Salt is a scalar technology enhanced mixture of five precious ancient seabed and sea salts from the Andes Mountains, Himalayas and the U.S that is rich in minerals, without excipients, stabilizers, conditioners, chemicals or preservatives.

Accelerated Ancient Salt holds a strong negative charged with scalar Technology used to enhance its frequency and ability to help “pull out” positively charged toxins, parasites and undigested fats. Through the use of basic quantum mechanics combined with high purity of raw materials, a scalar field is developed. This process optimizes Detox and rehydration.

Accelerated Thyroid™

Accelerated Thyroid. This advanced formula is the only thyroid supplement available to combine two different thyroid supplementary formulas into one, and then enhances it with Scalar Frequencies for advanced healing. Unlike any other thyroid supplement, the effects are cumulative, improving the health of your thyroid.

Accelerated Thyroid has been Bio Energetically Enhanced with our proprietary Scalar Field technology to imbed specific healing patterns into it.
The Scalar frequencies include:
-Enhancing the general health of the thyroid
-Neutralizing toxins found in the thyroid such as chlorine, fluorine, mercury, and other metals
-Neutralizing radiation and nuclear fallout.

Add Keto in the 5-Piece Kit:

  • Accelerated Keto capsules: increases energy and mental focus, balances blood sugar, accelerates fat-loss and more!


For more information on the individual products contained in this kit, please visit their respective product pages:

Accelerated Scalar Silver®
Accelerated Ancient Salt
Accelerated Keto™
Accelerated Thyroid™



Start slowly.
Begin with 3-4 drops graduating to 20 drops three times a day (for instance, at 8AM, 12PM and 4PM) on an empty stomach. Put drops in 4-12 oz water. Drink immediately and wait 15 minutes before food.

Basic/Advanced Saturation.
If you experience detox, nausea, throat burn, or stimulated heart rate, stop for 48 hours. Bioavailable iodine won’t harm you, but overdoing any potentially detoxifying supplement or food can make you feel very tired, achy, irritable, restless, or experience many other cleanse reactions, so always start with small servings and gradually increase as long as you don’t have any adverse reactions.

Acceleradine® never substitutes thyroid meds.

Accelerated Scalar Silver™:

Adults Only Serving Size: Take 2 teaspoons (10ml) by mouth, from 3-7 times daily (depending on purpose of use.) Child usage and dosage only upon recommendation of the child’s doctor.

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children. Before taking, consult your health care professional. Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Child usage and dosage only upon recommendation of the child’s doctor.

Accelerated Ancient Salt™:

Use liberally on food (salt is crucial for proper adrenal balance). Add 1/8-1/4 tsp to 8 oz. warm water or put straight on your tongue for nausea detox. Also, take in the morning to alkalize small intestines.

Accelerated Keto™:

Adults: Take 3 capsules per day for optimal results.

Take on an empty stomach before first meal to help extend fasting or accelerate fat loss. Take 30 minutes prior to activity for enhanced mental and physical performance. Take in the afternoon between meals to reduce carb cravings and increase energy.

Accelerated Thyroid™:

Take 2-4 capsules in the morning. You may add 1 more at noon if you would like.

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