Sara Banta's Accelerated Kidney Stone Cleanse


Sara Banta's Accelerated Kidney Stone Cleanse


Your kidneys are the body's natural cleaners, making sure the blood stays tidy and your body stays healthy!

Sara Banta's 30-Day Kidney Stone Cleanse helps boost optimal kidney function.

Kidneys take the "dirty" blood, remove the waste and extra stuff from it, and then make sure the clean blood goes back to do its job. The waste and extra stuff are turned into urine, which goes out of your body when you pee. This process helps keep your body in balance and makes sure your blood stays healthy.  

The synergistic nature of the supplements supports the elimination of kidney stones, and helps with recurring urinary tract or kidney infections, and all urogenital infections. 

It also has a diuretic effect, helps to reduce inflammation, helps boost the immune system and aids with eliminating oxalates from the body. This cleanse may also help improve thyroid function, support Hashimotos, aid in alleviating joint pain, help reduce inflammation caused by arthritis, and help alleviate gout symptoms.  The effects are enhanced when combined with Accelerated Keto, and a low oxalate and low carb diet.

  • Helps Dissolve Urinary and Kidney Stones
  • Promotes Blood Circulation
  • Helps alleviate Edema and Water Retention
  • Improves Thyroid Health and Metabolism
  • Improves Gout
  • Improves Joint Pain and Arthritis



View the Accelerated Kidney Stone Cleanse instructions. Instructions will also be emailed to you to help easily complete the cleanse.

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