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Accelerated Colloidal Silver 3 Pack $113.99 $125.85
Accelerated Colloidal Silver (previously Accelerated Scalar Silver) delivers additional potency by being charged with scalar technology to help powerfully support, strengthen and boost your immune system. Ultra fine pure Colloidal Silver 99.99% Like no other Colloidal Silver on the market Clear, not yellow or brown, for purity and efficacy 100% Alkaline  Helps boost the immune system Helps alkalize the blood Made with proprietary Scalar Silver technology Uses ozonated and UV sterilized distilled water Bio Energetically Imprinted to enhance its efficacy Safe with no risk of side-effects Alkaline pH of 8.0 Gluten-free, Vegan & Cruelty-free Made in the United States Accelerated Colloidal Silver is programmed with Scalar frequencies to: Clear emotional and physical shock from the body Improves the health of the Thymus, Improves Lung function, Devitalizes viruses Devitalizes bacteria Get your FREE COPY of Sara Banta's The Practical Guide To Colloidal Silver.   Accelerated Colloidal Silver™ 3 Pack is a registered trademark of Accelerated Health Products LLC.
Health Concerns Man Yue Mei Clearing™ $31.85
Therapeutic Actions of Man Yue Mei Clearing™ (formerly Akebia Moist Heat): Treats urinary tract infection or inflammation accompanied by frequent and painful urination. Relieves factors related to bladder stones, kidney infection, painful or difficult urination, pelvic inflammatory disease, and prostatitis, cystitis, vaginitis Ingredients Cranberry fruit* (man yue mei), Corn silk (yu mi xi), Indian Plantain seed husk (che qian zi), Uva-Ursi leaf* (xiong guo), Japanese Knotwood root (hu zhang), Garlic bulb* (da suan), Achyranthes root* (niu xi), Gardenia fruit* (zhi zi), Dandelion root* (pu gong ying), Licorice root* (gan cao), Costus root*(mu xiang), Chinese Rhubarb rhizome* (zhi da huang); *extract About Health Concerns The First and Still the Best Health Concerns is at the leading edge of research in herbal medicine and is known for bringing the centuries of knowledge amassed in the Chinese herbal tradition to the West. Health Concerns was the first company to manufacture Chinese herbal products in the United States for practitioners. Today Health Concerns continues to research, test, and adapt traditional formulas by applying the science of modern biochemistry. As a result, Health Concerns can offer a variety of formulas for a full range of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment protocols as well as many products that address the specific conditions of Western patients. Commitment to Quality Health Concerns’ commitment to herbal medicine and modern science provides you with the best formulas available. The quality of their products has been remarkably consistent and dependable over the years. Since inception, they have been committed to taking whatever measures are necessary to guarantee safe herbs, free of contaminants or harmful ingredients. They provide a reliable, worry-free source of effective, quality Chinese herbs. Their stringent herb sourcing, quality controls, and testing for maximum potency and purity result in Chinese herbal formulas offering you the benefits of both ancient wisdom and modern science. Mission & Values Health Concerns is dedicated to promoting the benefits of herbal therapies by providing the highest quality herbal products available today. They understand that the traditional means of administering Traditional Chinese Medicine, through the brewing and drinking of teas, is not often effective for Western patients and have therefore developed a wide range of products based on TCM formulas in a tablet form. Health Concerns delivers outstanding products that improve people’s lives. Product Quality Assurance Herb Selection Their quality control program begins with the herbs themselves. They hand select the finest wild picked or organically grown herbs whenever possible, paying close attention to species, region of cultivation, time of harvest, and the spirit in which plants are grown and collected. They use only the most potent part of the plant. They do not use herbs that are endangered, sprayed or fumigated. Laboratory Testing Trained herbalists evaluate the herbs for quality on the basis of smell, taste and appearance, as has been done for thousands of years. The amount of active components, strength, and efficacy are then verified by analysis. To screen for pesticides, heavy metals, sulfites, and bacterial contamination, samples are sent to independent labs, which use the latest technology. Capillary electrophoresis, high-pressure liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, and thin-layer chromatography provide detailed compositional analysis at the molecular level. Processing and Potency Once the herbs have passed inspection, they are processed according to tradition to maximize potency and eliminate undesired effects. Raw herbs may be steamed, baked, alcohol-soaked or ginger-processed. The selection of each herb is double-checked and quantities are weighed twice so that formulas are uniform from batch to batch. Herbs are granulated and cooked as a decoction to improve bio availability. Combining Components They devote meticulous attention to each individual component of a formula and then, of course, to how components work together. Roots are cooked over low temperature overnight. Flowers are prepared by infusion. Alkaloid-containing herbs are soaked in alcohol, and aromatic extracts are added last to preserve their volatile components. A small amount of acacia gum and cellulose are used to bind the ingredients together, while magnesium aids the tableting process. Tableting and Packaging Once the herbs are compressed into tablets, they are coated to ease swallowing and preserve freshness. To make sure they can be absorbed, their disintegration is timed. During the final stage of manufacturing, they are packaged into bottles, inner and outer safety seals are applied, and each bottle is stamped with a lot number and manufacture date. A sample of each batch is sent to an outside lab to ensure the accuracy, purity and potency. Fully Tested & Guaranteed All Health concerns formulas are made in accordance with cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). Their manufacturing facility is certified by NSF International, an accrediting organization that tests, audits and certifies facilities. At Health Concerns, traditional and scientific assessment combined with time-honored methods of processing result in the most effective and reliable herbs available anywhere. Their testing criteria, known as SIDI (Standardized Information on Dietary Ingredients), is endorsed by the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA), the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), and the Natural Products Association. Their herbalists bring decades of training, experience, and care to the task of evaluation. They guarantee their products without reservation. We invite you to open a bottle of Health Concerns’ formulas to taste and smell the difference.   Formula Cranberry (man yue mei) enters the kidney, bladder, and large intestine; it promotes urination and drains heat. Corn silk (yu mi xi), Indian plantain (che qian zi), and uva ursi (xiong guo) relieve damp heat and assist in passing stones. Magnesium is an electrolyte and plays a critical role in kidney detoxification; it can reduce the risk of forming kidney stones. Garlic (da suan) resolves toxicity, strengthens the spleen, and reduces stagnation. Japanese knotweed (hu zhang) treats heat and supports the bladder, kidneys, and liver. Achyranthes (niu xi) invigorates the blood and qi. Gardenia (zhi zi) is one of the premier heat-clearing herbs in the Materia Medica; it also treats irritability, restlessness, and insomnia. Licorice (gan cao) is included for its harmonizing and detoxification actions. Costus (mu xiang) was added to the classic Ba Zheng San formula by ancient herbalist Zhu Dan Xi, to strengthen the transforming function of the bladder meridian. Chinese rhubarb (zhi da huang), removes heat through the stool. Benefits Traditional Chinese Medicine Functions: Clears fire and toxins in the lower burner Drains Dampness (diuretic) Use 3 capsules three times per day, between meals. For acute conditions, 3 capsules every 4 hours.90 capsules, 650mg
Microbiome Labs MegaGuard™ $54.98
MegaGuard™ is a novel digestive aid that combines licorice polyphenols, cleansing artichoke leaf extract, and soothing ginger to promote normal digestion, regulate stomach acid, maintain healthy H. pylori levels, and reduce occasional digestive discomforts such as gas and bloating. With the power of these herbs combined, MegaGuard™️ provides unique and comprehensive digestive support, bowel regularity, and gastric balance.
Health Concerns Virility Caps $33.90
This is an empirical formula based on Dr. Fung's 60 years of clinical experience. Some of the conditions that contribute to infertility in men are decreased libido, lack of energy, difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection, premature ejaculation, and low sperm count, poor sperm motility, among others. In Chinese medicine, the primary organ responsible for maintaining reproduction capabilities is the kidney; it also stores essence, which is the basis for sperm production. Common syndrome patterns that can give rise to infertility include insufficient kidney yang, kidney yin deficiency of Qi and blood, and constrained liver qi which causes blood stasis. When to use Virility Caps: Supports Male Fertility Supports Normal Erectile Function Useful for impotence, poor sperm count, and poor sperm mobility Can also be used for kidney yang deficiency Formula In this formula, the chief herb is kirin ginseng (ren shen) which strongly tonifies the basal qi and strengthens the spleen and tonifies the stomach. Cistanche salsa (rou cong rong) addresses impotence, spermatorrhea, and cold pain of the back. Morinda (ba ji tian) along with psoralea (bu gu zhi) tonify the kidney and Qi. Deer antler sediment (lu jiao shuang) and cynamorium (suo yang) tonify the kidney, with the latter aiding the smooth flow of Qi and blood. Herbs that tonify the blood are rehmannia (shu di huang), tang kuei (dang gui), and gelatinum (e jiao). Cinnamon bark (rou gui) warms the kidney and fortifies the yang. Cardamon (sha ren) promotes the movement of Qi and strengthens the stomach; in addition, it is added to this formula, which is tonifying in order to prevent the herbs from causing stagnation. Ingredients: Turmeric (curcuma longa) extract bound to soy phosphatidylcholine Kirin Ginseng root (ren shen), Epimedium leaf (yin yang huo), Cistanche salsa herb (rou cong rong), Morinda root (ba ji tian), Astragalus root (huang qi), Deer antler sediment (lu jiao shuang), Dipsacus root (xu duan), Tang Kuei root (dang gui), Psoralea fruit (bu gu zhi), Eucommia bark (du zhong), Cynamorium plant (suo yang), Rehmannia (cooked) root (shu di huang), Cardamon fruit (sha ren), Gelatinum (e jiao), Cinnamon bark (rou gui) Benefits Supports Male Fertility Supports Normal Erectile Function Useful for impotence, poor sperm count, and poor sperm mobility Chinese Therapeutic effects: Warms kidney yang Relaxes the shen Tonifies the Qi and blood Use 2 to 3 capsules TID, between meals 90 vegetarian capsules, 750 mg., 15 day supply
Health Concerns GB-6 $29.85
Therapeutic Actions of GB-6™ Relieves pathogenic elements that contribute to acute gallbladder colic (cholecystalgia) and help dissolve gall stones (cholelithiasis) Relieves chronic gallbladder inflammation (cholecystitis) with indigestion, nausea, and discomfort in the flanks, epigastrium, or abdomen Effective in preventing stones in the urinary system According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Clears stagnant liver qi, Clears damp heat from the liver and gallbladder, Moves the blood
N.O. Beetz Nitric Oxide Sticks $69.99
Embark on a journey to redefine wellness with N.O. Beetz, the brainchild of Dr. Nathan S. Bryan . This isn't just a supplement; it's an innovation that transforms the essence of beets into a flavorful powerhouse, enabling you to tap into the natural benefits without the usual taste, color, or mess. Unleash the Power of Beets Without the Taste: Developed by Dr. Nathan S. Bryan, N.O. Beetz captures the full power of beets in a delicious supplement. It’s not just about beets; it’s about unlocking a greater amount of Nitric Oxide! Elevate Your Health to New Heights: Your body deserves the best, and N.O. Beetz is here to deliver. This expert formulation goes beyond basic hydration and energy production, it’s like a symphony of wellness, supporting overall health by producing Nitric Oxide gas when mixed with water. Get ready for a comprehensive health boost! Taste the Revolution: Imagine a world where supplements are not only beneficial but also delicious. N.O. Beetz makes that dream come true with our specialized filtration process, creating a flavor sensation that redefines the way you experience beets. A Journey of Cellular Rejuvenation: Dive into the science of well-being with N.O. Beetz. Formulated to work at the very essence of life—your cells—it not only enhances hydration and energy but also nourishes every part of you. It’s not a supplement; it’s a daily rejuvenation ritual. Fuel Your Cells with ATP Power: N.O. Beetz is more than just Nitric Oxide; it’s about revitalizing your life at a cellular level. With ATP in the mix, it becomes an invigorating powerhouse that rejuvenates each cell, igniting vitality and unleashing your true potential. This innovative formula uses an advanced delivery system that provides an exogenous source of Nitric Oxide that may support the following: Improve Nitric Oxide production. Enhance oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells. Support cardiovascular health. Aid normal heart function. Support healthy blood circulation and blood pressure. Create healthy blood flow to the brain and other organs. Deliver antioxidant support. Support cognitive function and memory. N1o1 is backed by 20+ years of research and technology from an internationally recognized biochemist and physiologist, Dr. Nathan S. Bryan, who was the first to discover natural product chemistry for the production of Nitric Oxide. The result of his research is the most powerful Nitric Oxide enhancer on the market! How To Use Use One Packet a Day to Boost Nitric Oxide EnergyAdults can consume one packet of N.O. Beetz daily to help naturally boost Nitric Oxide production and feel more energized throughout the day.Pour one packet of N.O. Beetz into 2-3 ounces of water. Fully dissolve and mix together and consume immediately.For optimal results, drink N.O. Beetz 10 minutes before exercising or whenever you need an added boost of energy.Safety and Storage InformationUse only one N.O. Beetz packet at a time. Using more than one packet could cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. Discontinue use if you experience dizziness or fainting, which could be the result of low blood pressure.  
Health Concerns Isatis Cooling Formula $27.80
Therapeutic Actions of Isatis Cooling: Treats Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, gastric ulcers Treats Leukorrhea accompanied by thick, dark, and smelly discharge and abdominal pain Treats prostate inflammations accompanied by discharge and constant pain May be used to treat urinary tract infections
BodyBio Sodium Butyrate $24.99
Butyrate is an essential end product of a healthy microbiome. Primarily, it fuels your gut cells, strengthening the gut lining and healing the leaky gut. BodyBio Butyrate is available in two unique formulations: Calcium/Magnesium Butyrate and Sodium Butyrate. The only difference between the two forms of BodyBio Butyrate is the minerals used to create the butyrate salt: either sodium + butyric acid, or calcium + magnesium + butyric acid. Other than that there is no difference between the two. Butyrate is produced by your gut microbes and has many important functions within the human body, particularly for digestive health, supporting brain health and protecting against disease*.  Not only is Butyrate critical in repairing the lining of the gut and the health of cells within it—it also supports healthy inflammation response to protect the body from disease while improving immune function.* Butyrate repairs the damage that pesticides, toxins, processed foods, drugs, etcetera has done to the lining of the gut. Butyrate helps to heal the gut lining and promotes healthy DNA to support genetic function against damage, which may lead to disease Specially formulated to: Support gut health* Promote detoxification* Maintain proper pH levels in the colon* Reduce inflammation* Promote healthy DNA function* Support healthy blood sugar regulation* Butyrate serves to close tight junctions and prevent the dysbiosis commonly known as leaky gut* Sodium Butyrate Ingredients - Butyric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose and Purified Water.
BodyBio PC (Phosphatidylcholine) $59.99
Experience the transformative effects of rejuvenating aging at the cellular level. BodyBio PC — a pure liposomal phospholipid complex — provides the building blocks of your cell membranes, repairing and protecting each of your 70 trillion+ cells. Aging and toxin exposure cause your cells to break down, and phospholipids are critical to rebuild and maintain their health from the brain to the gut and everywhere in between.  You feel the power of these phospholipids as improved brain function, mental clarity, smoother digestion, better detox, and more consistent energy. That’s what makes BodyBio PC the foundation for your cellular health.
Thorne Vitamin D-5,000 $15.99
Thorne’s D-5,000 provides 5,000 IU of high-quality vitamin D3 and is NSF Certified for Sport®. While direct sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D, many people, especially the elderly, do not get sufficient amounts from sunlight or their diet. Ensure your body gets the vitamin D it needs with Thorne’s easily absorbed Vitamin D-5,000. Benefits of Thorne’s Vitamin D-5000: Supports healthy teeth and bones Promotes lean muscle mass and helps maintain muscle strength Enhances the absorption and retention of calcium Supports healthy brain function Promotes cardiovascular health and immune function Formulated with vitamin D3, which is more potent and better absorbed than vitamin D2 Free from lactose and preservatives such as BHT, BHA, sodium benzoate, and sorbic acid You might be at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency if you: Rarely go outdoors, live in northern latitudes, or have a darker skin tone Have limited sun exposure due to your occupation, clothing choices, or indoor sports Regularly use sunscreen with an SPF greater than 8 Are an older adult (risk increases with age starting at 50) Have a chronic health condition, such as a bowel disease or have had surgery (like gastric bypass) that decreases fat absorption Are obese The optimal amount of vitamin D varies from person to person, so supplementation should be individualized. Thorne’s D-1,000 or D-5,000 can help maintain optimal vitamin D levels in healthy individuals. Every batch of NSF Certified for Sport® products is tested for label accuracy and to ensure the absence of over 200 substances banned by major athletic organizations, including stimulants, narcotics, steroids, diuretics, beta-2 agonists, and masking agents. Contains 60 capsules
Thorne Berberine $39.95
Berberine is a well-researched botanical with a long-standing history of use in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal medicine. Thorne's premium berberine products feature the most studied form—berberine HCl—combined with the highly absorbable berberine phytosome, offering extensive health and wellness benefits. Who can benefit from Berberine? Individuals seeking support for metabolic, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal health. People wanting additional weight loss support Anyone aiming to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Individuals wanting to support healthy cholesterol levels. Women looking for nutritional support for PCOS-related symptoms. Those seeking support for metabolic syndrome. People needing additional support for a healthy gut microbiome. Benefits of Berberine Supplementation: Supports immune function and helps maintain healthy respiratory tract mucus membranes. Promotes healthy blood sugar metabolism. Supports healthy cholesterol levels.   Contains 60 capsules
Thorne Creatine $42.00
Creatine is a remarkable amino acid found predominantly in your muscles and brain. Your body naturally produces it from other amino acids, and it’s also present in foods like meats, eggs, and fish.  Creatine is crucial for producing cellular energy by aiding the formation of ATP, a molecule essential for intense exercise, heart function, and brain power. Benefits of Thorne’s Creatine Monohydrate Powder: Muscle Performance: Boosts physical endurance, power output, and muscle work capacity. Lean Body Mass: Enhances strength and supports lean muscle growth. Cognition: Aids cognitive function and promotes healthy body composition, especially in older adults. Cellular Energy Production: Helps cells efficiently create energy, improving exercise capacity. Injury Prevention: Reduces the risk of dehydration, muscle cramps, and injuries to muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. Nutritional Support: Ideal for athletes and those not getting enough creatine from their diet. What sets Thorne’s Creatine Monohydrate Powder apart: NSF Certified for Sport® Easy to mix Highly researched, micronized creatine monohydrate Colorless, odorless, and highly soluble For athletes, trust and compliance are essential. Every batch of NSF Certified for Sport® products is rigorously tested to ensure label accuracy and the absence of over 200 substances banned by major athletic organizations, including stimulants, narcotics, steroids, diuretics, beta-2 agonists, and masking agents. Contains 16oz/450g Creatine Monohydrate Powder
Hangover Relief Bundle $132.99
Looking for Hangover Supplements to help quickly eliminate those hangover ills? Introducing our Hangover Relief Bundle, your ultimate companion for those mornings-after when you need a helping hand to bounce back from a night of celebration. Crafted with care and backed by science, our hangover relief supplement pack is designed to alleviate the most common hangover symptoms, so you can reclaim your day and feel revitalized. 🌿 Natural Ingredients: Formulated with a blend of natural ingredients, our hangover supplement pack includes powerful herbs, and minerals to replenish what your body lost during festivities.  💧 Hydration Support: Dehydration is a major contributor to hangover symptoms. Included in your hangover supplement pack is Accelerated Ancient Salt®. A hydrating blend of minerals to effectively replenish lost fluids and electrolytes, Accelerated Ancient Salt® promotes optimal hydration levels for a faster recovery. Say goodbye to that pounding headache and sluggish feeling fast. 🤮 Eliminate Nausea: Nobody enjoys the nausea that accompanies a hangover. Accelerated Cellular Detox® Powder is a miraculous blend of herbal and mineral powders that work together to bind and eliminate toxins in the gut. Users report feeling nausea subside within 30 minutes of drinking this gentle mixture. 🧠 Cognitive Function: A hangover leaves you feeling mentally drained and unable to think clearly. Some describe it as a bad case of brain fog, others say their thinking is less sharp. Research shows that alcohol slows brain function and memory. Cogniblast® is a nootropic containing not one but 4 smart mushroom extracts, along with other ingredients that work together to quickly restore cognitive brain function and help you think clearly once again.  🌞 Energy Boost: The supplements included in the Hangover Pack leave you feeling re-energized with a carefully curated mix of ingredients that promote alertness and vitality. Whether you have a busy day ahead or just need a pick-me-up, our hangover relief supplement pack is your go-to solution for restoring your energy levels. Each supplement works in its own way to help quickly restore your health. 🌈 Overall Wellness: Beyond addressing hangover symptoms, our supplement pack is designed to support your overall well-being. The inclusion of key nutrients contributes to a balanced and healthy system, making it a great addition to your post-celebration routine. 🚀 Convenient and Portable: Each hangover relief supplement pack is conveniently packaged for on-the-go use. Toss it in your bag or keep it in your desk drawer for quick and easy access whenever you need it. No more letting a hangover dictate your day – take control and feel your best. Reclaim your mornings and conquer the day with the Accelerated Hangover Relief Supplement Pack. Embrace the celebration, knowing that relief is just a pack away. Cheers to a refreshed and revitalized you!
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