MyVitalC C60 Supplement


MyVitalC C60 Supplement


MyVitalC the Original C60 Supplement

MyVitalC C60 Supplement starts with the original formulation manufactured by SES Research Inc., ESS60, and is systematically stirred in the dark at controlled temperature with an inert buffer gas. Using only the best Certified Organic (MOSA, NOP) GMO-free olive oil independently tested and verified, this product is lovingly poured into medical grade cobalt blue glass bottles, for protection from UV light.

Some of the potential benefits people have reported after using MyVitalC:

  • Increased Longevity
  • Lower Risk of Heart Disease
  • Improved Eyesight
  • Improved Mental Acuity
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Management of Osteoarthritis
  • Increased Strength and Vitality
  • Protection of Nervous System
  • Improved Hair Growth
  • Improved Hair Color
  • Better Sleep
  • No Neck, Back, Hip or Knee Pain

Directions: Take 1-2 tsp during the day.

FAQs About MyVitalC ESS60

Are there side effects of taking ESS60 in Olive Oil?
No negative side effects of ESS60 in Olive Oil have been documented. However, ESS60 and Olive Oil do interact with each person differently, so you maybe want to adjust your serving based on your experience.

Can I take more than the recommended serve?
Yes, many of our clients tell us they are taking more, sometimes significantly more, than 5ml per day, some as much as 15ml twice per day. For some, the issue is the quantity of Olive Oil. Please take what works with your body.

Do I need to take ESS60 in Olive Oil with food?
Olive Oil is a food, so it is not necessary to take ESS60 with additional food. However, no evidence shows that taking with food will reduce or enhance benefits

How do I store my ESS60 in olive oil?
We recommend storing it just like you would any other olive oil. Ideally in a dark, cool space. We don’t recommend putting it in the fridge since it tends to clump. If it does clump due to cold weather in transit, just leave it out at room temperature and the oil will return to its normal state.

What about the taste of ESS60 in Olive Oil?
Some people love the taste of Olive Oil. Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil will leave a peppery aftertaste at the back of your throat and a small number of people do not like this taste/experience. The good thing is, if you eat or drink anything, the taste goes away immediately. Additionally, if you do not like the taste you can take the product with bread or on salads, or just get creative.

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