Systemic Formulas Gf (Thyroid)


Systemic Formulas Gf (Thyroid)


This formula helps build & balance the thyroid gland, and supports the thyroid gland’s abilities as a master control gland in producing normal, healthy metabolism. Useful in both hypo as well as hyper thyroid responses, Gf assists the major metabolic actions of the endocrine systems. Helpful in promoting weight loss and in combating jet lag.

Use for:

  • Hypo and hyper thyroid function via thyroid tissue support
  • Better adaptation to climate and seasonal weather changes
  • Fatigue
  • Circadian rhythms (jet lag, sleep/waking issues)
  • Menstrual and Menopausal difficulties
  • Thyroid and Parathyroid support


This formula made Doc Wheelwright famous among natural health clinicians because of its simple approach to helping the body via a healthy thyroid. By focusing on the thyroid as an association of inter-functioning cells, this formula’s design is on “tissue integrity” rather than interjecting an influence on thyroxin production. The philosophy applied was simply, “support the thyroid as a tissue, and the body will use that innate integrity toward the tissue’s inherent function.” This non-manipulative formula provides the basic building blocks of thyroid health and was the first of its kind to recognize the much needed influence of fatty acids on the thyroid cell membranes.


  • Master endocrine system regulation via metabolic and energy processes.
  • Supports thyroid tissue integrity.
  • RNA/DNA Thyroid Tissue Factors – supports the thyroid tissue integrity and optimal metabolic function.
  • Pata de Vaca – Rain forest (Brazilian) botanical know to help cellular glucose/energy functions, blood cleanser, and helps balance cholesterol.
  • Abutua – Rain forest (Brazilian) botanical know to be anti-inflammatory, balancing to hormonal cycles, anti-bacterial.
  • Irish Moss – A cold water seaweed has soothing effects on membranes, contains antioxidants, contains ionic minerals, supports thyroid via a tiny amount of ionic iodine.
  • Curcubito pepo – A gourd oil known to soften and support glands. Supports mitochondrial beta-oxidative energy processes.
  • Kelp – a source of selenium, iodine, and trace minerals.


1 – 2 capsules, twice a day for 1-4 months.

Contraindications: Has a small amount of ionic iodine. Historically does not aggravate hyper-thyroid conditions.

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