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Accelerated Keto Detox Cleanse $298.95
The Ultimate Keto Preparation, Sara Banta's 30 Day Keto Detox Cleanse is the perfect way to reset your body and set yourself up for success on the Keto Diet. Every product included in the Keto Detox Cleanse has been combined to give you maximum cleanse results, and to prepare your body for a clean, easy, no brain fog, no keto-flu start to the life-changing keto diet or intermittent fasting. AFTERPAY NOW AVAILABLE - PAY OVER 4 INTEREST FREE INSTALMENTS! What's included in the Accelerated KETO Detox Cleanse: Accelerated Keto™ Accelerated Keto™ helps increase energy and mental focus, balances blood sugar, accelerates fat loss, reduces inflammation, supports liver health, and more! Accelerated Keto™ is programmed with frequencies to: Clear emotional and physical shock from the body Cleanse the Liver Convert saturated fat to unsaturated fat Increase base metabolic rate Accelerated Scalar Silver® A powerful combination of Nano and Colloidal Silver, Accelerated Scalar Silver® delivers additional potency by being charged with scalar technology to help you increase your frequency and powerfully help support, strengthen and boost your immune system. Accelerated Scalar Silver® is programmed with frequencies to: Clear emotional and physical shock from the body Improves the health of the Thymus, Improves Lung function, Devitalizes viruses Devitalizes bacteria Accelerated Thyroid® Accelerated Thyroid®. This advanced formula is the only thyroid supplement available to combine two different thyroid supplementary formulas into one, and then enhance it with Scalar Frequencies for advanced healing. Unlike any other thyroid supplement, the effects are cumulative, improving the health of your thyroid.Accelerated Thyroid® has been Bio Energetically Enhanced with our proprietary Scalar Field technology to imbed specific healing patterns into it. The scalar frequencies include: Enhancing the general health of the thyroid Neutralizing toxins found in the thyroid such as chlorine, fluorine, mercury, and other metals Neutralizing radiation and nuclear fallout. Accelerated Thyroid® is programmed with frequencies to: Clear emotional and physical shock from the body Improve the overall health of the Thyroid Detox halogens Detox heavy metals Detox radiation Balance thyroid with parathyroid. Acceleradine® Iodine AcceleradineⓇ Iodine is a vibrational frequency charged 2% tincture of vigilantly pure, natural, singlet, active iodine (I¯) and is 100% bioactive, true ionic iodine.  Benefits of AcceleradineⓇ include: Produces energy and helps the metabolism function properly Helps reverse Hypothyroid and Hashimoto's Is antioxidant and anti-allergenic, detoxifies, and is vasodilating Suppresses auto-immune conditions Induces healthy cell turnover (apoptosis) and destroys abnormal cells, which can inhibit cancer cell growth Is free of the pollutants found in seawater Unlike some glandular thyroid medications, Acceleradine® Iodine does not inhibit the thyroid’s function. May reverse DNA Damage done by mRNA, spiked proteins, and graphene oxide. Accelerated Cellular DetoxⓇ Accelerated Cellular DetoxⓇ Powder soaks up and carries toxins gently through the intestinal tract, easing the burden on the liver and kidneys, while also helping with bloat and regularity. QuintEssential 0.9 The perfect Isotonic solution of organic ocean minerals diluted with natural alpine spring water to achieve the same consistency as your blood plasma. Supports homeostasis and rehydration and contributes to normal digestion. MegaSpore Biotic MegaSpore Biotic is a probiotic blend of 5 Bacillus spores that have been shown to maintain a healthy gut barrier and immune function.  The bi-phasic life cycle of the Bacillus spores allows them to remain dormant in harsh environments until they reach more favorable environments like the human gastrointestinal tract.  Once inside the large intestine, these dormant spores can change into their active, vegetative forms and begin colonizing in the gut.  This unique probiotic blend aims to recondition the gut instead of reseeding with probiotic strains that cannot survive digestion or colonize the gut.  MegaSporeBiotic™ helps control the “bad” bacteria and grow the “good” bacteria.  It has been shown to help with E. Coli, Salmonella, H. Pylori and more.  
Accelerated Leaky Gut Bundle $149.95
Recondition, Reinforce, Rebuild  Reconditions and maintains a healthy gut microbiome.  Supports microbial diversity and short-chain fatty acid production  Supports a healthy immune system
Anytime Reset Detox Cleanse $264.95
30 day Detox Cleanse is perfect for any time you need a RESET! AFTERPAY NOW AVAILABLE - PAY IN 4 INTEREST FREE INSTALMENTS! When used together, the supplements in this 30 day kit help: Boost your Immune System Boost metabolism Increase energy Clear brain fog Gently eliminate toxins from body A great bundle to work with any diet! What's Included: Please visit the individual product pages for more information about each formula: Accelerated Scalar Silver® Acceleradine® Accelerated Cellular Detox® Ola Loa Energy Multi-Vitamin Drink QuintEssential 0.9 Accelerated Thyroid® MegaSporeBiotic Anytime Reset Detox Cleanse Instructions
Accelerated Cellular Detox® Powder $51.95
Combining the ultra cleansing properties of Micronized Zeolite, Diatomaceous Earth, Activated Charcoal, Triphala, and Slippery Elm, Accelerated Cellular Detox® is your 100% Certified Organic Daily Detox Powder, enhanced with scalar frequencies. Powerful yet gentle enough for daily use Safe with no risk of side-effects Gluten-free, Vegan & cruelty-free Made in the United States Optimal health begins with removing the toxic burden placed on our body The ingredients in Accelerated Celular Detox® Powder: Soak up poisons, including alcohol and other toxic chemicals Support digestive Health, Improve bowel regularity & decrease bloating Support kidney and liver function Improve skin health May help lower cholesterol May support improved oral health Promote wound healing Can be safely taken long term for continual health
Health Concerns Artestatin™ $75.84
Artemesia Anua Herbal Supplement Artemesia Anua Herbal Supplement  Treats acute infestations of protozoa — giardiasis, entamebiasis  Treats nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea caused by contaminated food bacillary and amoebic dysentery  Use in conjunction with biomedical therapy for malaria, cryptosporidiosis, shigellosis, and trichomoniasis 270 Capsules Product Description Artestatin is composed of herbs that inhibit the growth of amoebae. The chief herb in the formula is Chinese wormwood (artemisia; qing hao), which has been found through research to be effective in treating malaria and giardiasis, both caused by amoebic organisms. Cascara Sagrada (Frangula purshiana) is a bitter antimicrobial. Brucea (ya dan zi) is commonly found in Chinese formulas that address malaria and other amoebic conditions; research has found it is capable of killing parasites in the cyst stage. Chamomile (huang chu ju) relieves inflammation and Qi stagnation. Magnolia (hou po) and cang-zhu atractylodes (cang zhu) are aromatic herbs used primarily to promote the movement of Qi, transform dampness, and resolve stagnation; research has found magnolia bark to be effective against amoebic dysentery. Pinellia (ban xia) dries dampness, transforms phlegm, harmonizes the stomach and stops vomiting due to phlegm-dampness in the stomach. Eleuthero (ci wu jia) is warm, slightly bitter, and tonifies the spleen. Because chronic diarrhea drains Qi and fluids, codonopsis (dang shen) is used in this formula to tonify the Qi, strengthen the spleen, and generate fluids. Tangerine (chen pi) regulates the Qi and transforms phlegm. Licorice (gan cao) harmonizes and moderates the characteristics of the other herbs; it also tonifies the spleen and augments the Qi. Other herbs in Artestatin are effective in treating dysentery and summerheat conditions characterized by nausea, diarrhea, and headache. Ginger (gan jiang) warms the middle and expels cold and is used for conditions of deficiency due to insufficiency of the yang qi. Cardamom (sha ren) not only moves the Qi and transforms dampness; it is added to this formula to prevent stagnation from the formula’s tonifying herbs. Ingredients Chinese Wormwood (Artemisia) herb* qing huo, Cascara sagrada Frangula purshiana, Java Brucea fruit* ya dan zi, Chamomile flower* huang chu ju, Magnolia bark* hou po, Pinellia rhizome* ban xia, Eleuthero root* ci wu jia, Milk Thistle seed* shui fei ji, Tangerine peel* chen pi, Codonopsis root* dang shen, Licorice root* gan cao, Coptis root* huang lian, Ginger root* gan jiang, Cang-Zhu Atractylodes rhizome cang zhu, Cardamom fruit* sha ren Suggested Use Non-HIV infected individuals start at 1 capsule TID, and increase to 3 capsules TID, over a three-week period. HIV-infected or highly sensitive individuals start at 1 capsule per day, and increase to 2 capsules TID, over a three-week period. Administer before meals. 270 capsules, 650mg Contraindications: Do not use during pregnancy.
ION* Gut Health $59.95
Soil-derived Terrahydrite™ and trace mineral amino acid complex liquid supplement that promotes optimal gut health ION*Gut Health (formerly RESTORE - same science-backed formula, new name and packaging) is a gut-strengthening, brain-boosting mineral supplement sourced from 60-million-year-old soil that naturally supports microbiome balance. The active ingredient, Terrahydrite®, has been shown to support the integrity of tight junctions in the gut lining, even in the face of damage from toxins such as glyphosate. Gut-Strengthening Brain-Boosting Toxin and allergen protection Microbiome and Immune Support
MegaMucosa™ $54.95
MegaMucosa  Supports a healthy mucosal barrier Supports a healthy immune system in the mucosa Supports microbial diversity and short-chain fatty acid production 5.5 oz Microbiome Labs MegaMucosa – Product Description MegaMucosa is the first complete mucosal support supplement of its kind, formulated to support a healthy mucosal barrier. MegaMucosa also contains dairy-free immunoglobulins clinically shown to support a healthy immune system in the mucosa and a state-of-the-art flavobiotic shown to support microbial diversity and short-chain fatty acid production. Ingredients Immunoglobulins ImmuoLin is a dairy-free immunoglobulin concentrate that supports healthy digestion, detoxification, and intestinal barrier function. Amino Acids There are four key amino acids that play an important role in the production of intestinal mucosa include: L-proline, L-serine, L-cysteine, and L-threonine. These four amino acids have been shown to support mucin2 production and maintain mucin synthesis in the colon, resulting in a thick and healthy mucosal barrier. Citrus Polyphenols MicrobiomeX® is a citrus extract with naturally occurring polyphenols that supports digestive health and healthy gut barrier function. A clinical study using 500mg of citrus fruit extract found a significant increase in short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) composition, suggesting that citrus polyphenols may help modulate the microbial composition in the gut. Suggested Use Take 1 scoop daily with or without food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Mix into 16 oz of cold water or liquid of your choice.
MegaPre™ $54.95
The Precision Prebiotic™ Increases microbial diversity Selectively feeds beneficial bacteria REINFORCES the beneficial microbial changes created by MegaSporeBiotic™ 5.5 oz Microbiome Labs MegaPre – Product Description MegaPre™ is a cutting-edge Precision Prebiotic™ supplement made up of clinically-tested, non-digestible oligosaccharides that can increase microbial diversity and selectively feed beneficial, keystone bacteria like Akkermansia muciniphila, Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, and Bifidobacteria. Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that feed the bacteria living in your gut. Keystone bacteria like bacterium Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, Akkermansia muciniphila, and Bifidobacteria are very important for human health, but their populations can be easily diminished by stress, diet, glyphosate, and other factors. Ingredients A. Muciniphila ImmuoLin is a dairy-free immunoglobulin concentrate that supports healthy digestion, detoxification, and intestinal bA. muciniphila plays an important role in metabolism and has been shown to support fat loss along with a healthy diet and exercise. F. Prausnitzii F. prausnitzii can increase the production of butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that maintains healthy intestinal cells. Bifidobacteria Bifidobacteria can also increase butyrate production and promote lean body mass. Functional Fibers MegaPre™ contains a proprietary blend of functional fibers that specifically feed these keystone bacteria. This unique blend is made up of clinically-tested-and-published, non-digestible oligosaccharides, derived from non-GMO green and gold kiwi fruit, non-GMO corn cob, and rBST-free cow’s milk MegaPre™ Powder Serving Instructions Start with ½ scoop daily for one week, then increase to 1 scoop daily with or without food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Mix into 16 oz of cold water or liquid of your choice.
MegaSporeBiotic™ $54.95
100% Spore-Based Broad-Spectrum Probiotic Maintains healthy gut barrier function RECONDITIONS the gut by promoting microbial diversity and maintaining key health-promoting, commensal gut bacteria Maintains a healthy gut microbiome 60 Capsules Microbiome Labs MegaSporeBiotic – Product Description MegaSporeBiotic is a probiotic blend of 5 Bacillus spores that have been shown to maintain healthy gut barrier and immune function. The bi-phasic life cycle of the Bacillus spores allows them to remain dormant in harsh environments until they reach more favorable environments like the human gastrointestinal tract. Once inside the large intestine, these dormant spores can change into their active, vegetative forms and begin colonizing in the gut. This unique probiotic blend aims to RECONDITION the gut instead of reseeding with probiotic strains that cannot survive digestion or colonize the gut. MegaSporeBiotic has quickly become a household favorite among health practitioners and consumers alike. Ingredients Bacillus Licheniformis Bacillus Indicus HU36™ Bacillus Subtilis HU58™ Bacillus Clausii Bacillus Coagulans Suggested Use 1-2 per day for additional microbiome support after the first month of the protocol. If 1 capsule every other day causes side effects, try starting with 1/2 capsules or even 1/4 capsule in some cases. Possible side effects may include abdominal cramping, loose stools, and changes in bowel movements. Though these side effects may be uncomfortable, they are a sign that the product is working! Side effects should resolve within 2-3 days.
Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1 | 90 caps $31.95
Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1 promotes healthy bowel function by stimulating & strengthening the colon muscles. This super formula also: Helps Improve Digestion and Elimination Stimulates and Strengthens the muscular movement of the colon Cleanses and detoxifies your body of accumulated waste A non-habit forming laxative that produces complete bowel movements within 6-12 hours Formula Ingredients Wild Harvested Cape Aloe Leaf, Organic Senna Leaf and Pod, Wild Harvested Cascara Sagrada Aged Bark, Wild Harvested Oregon Grape Root, Organic Hawaiian Yellow Ginger Root, Organic Garlic Bulb, Wild Harvested Habanero Pepper Other ingredients: Cellulose (vegetable plant fiber capsule) Benefits Helps Improve Digestion and Elimination Stimulates and Strengthens the muscular movement of the colon Cleanses and detoxifies your body of accumulated waste Use Start with 1 capsule daily. Increase by only 1 capsule each day until desired effect is obtained. This formula works best if taken with food. We suggest during or just after dinner. NOTICE: This product contains Aloes, Senna and Cascara Sagrada. Read and follow directions carefully. Do not use if you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools or abdominal pain because Aloes, Senna and Cascara may worsen these conditions and be harmful to your health. Consult a physician if you have frequent diarrhea or if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.
Mental Health Supplement Kit from $213.99 $235.84
Boost your mood naturally and help support your mental health naturally with our practitioner recommended Mental Health Supplement Kit. The supplements combined in our Mental Health Supplement Kit help: Boost mood naturally Relax the mind, and alleviate anxiety and depression Heal the gut where "Happy Hormones" are made including Dopamine, GABA and Serotonin Cut your sugar and alcohol cravings and stabilize your blood sugar Give you the physical and mental strength to be your optimal self As a Certified Supplement Expert, and Founder of Accelerated Health Products, I am so happy to offer natural health solutions to support mental health. Each supplement in this kit has been handpicked for its powerful ingredients to help naturally support mental health. Supplements included in the 4 piece kit are: ACCELERATED COGNIBLAST™ Cogniblast® is a nootropic - a natural Brain Enhancement product that boosts your mental focus, energy, and memory in the short term while safeguarding your brain against memory issues and decline in the long run.What sets Cogniblast® apart? In addition to containing super mushroom ingredients including Reish, Lion's Mane and Cordyceps, Cogniblast™ goes above and beyond typical brain enhancement supplements by harnessing the healing potential of Scalar Frequencies. These frequencies supercharge your Memory and Cognition beyond what the ingredients alone can achieve.For ingredients and detailed product information please visit the Cogniblast™ product page. ACCELERATED THYROID® Accelerated Thyroid® is not just another thyroid supplement; it's your key to a brighter mood, improved thyroid health, a revved-up metabolism, enhanced fat burning, increased energy, and successful weight loss. But what truly sets Accelerated Thyroid® apart from the rest? It's the infusion of Scalar frequencies, a groundbreaking addition that takes thyroid support to a whole new level! These frequencies work their magic by detoxifying your thyroid from heavy metals and radiation while simultaneously promoting a healthier thyroid, improved mental health and supporting the reversal of hypothyroidism. For ingredients and detailed information, visit the Accelerated Thyroid® product page. ACCELERADINE® IODINE I want you to know how important it is to address iodine deficiency because it's often the primary factor behind feelings of depression and mental fogginess. That's where Acceleradine® Iodine comes in, offering not just a solution but a caring approach to your well-being.Acceleradine® Iodine is a true iodine tincture, in fact, now the top selling Iodine supplement in the United States! It has the unique ability to cleanse your brain from toxins like fluoride, allowing you to connect with your higher self, fostering mental clarity and inner harmony. Moreover, it works wonders for your metabolism and thyroid health, granting your body both the physical and mental strength to tackle life's daily challenges. It's essential to note that an underperforming thyroid has been linked to increased rates of depression and mental health issues. For detailed product information and additional benefits, please visit the Acceleradine® product page. ZENBIOME™ DUAL by Microbiome Labs Zenbiome™ DUAL is a probiotic powerhouse that takes care of your digestive comfort and helps you regulate your mood. It's not your average probiotic; it's a holistic approach that pays attention to the connection between your gut and your mind.This special formula is all about promoting a balanced gut-brain axis. And guess what? It's not just talk; clinical studies have shown that it's effective in relieving occasional gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort and the stress that often tags along with it.Zenbiome™ DUAL is like having a 24/7 maintenance crew for your gut. With two cutting-edge probiotic strains, it's dedicated to keeping your digestive system in tip-top shape, which in turn supports your overall well-being. For ingredient and detailed product information please visit the Zenbiome™ Dual product page. OPTIONAL SUPPLEMENTS FOR INCREASED SUPPORT Accelerated Colloidal Silver® I can't stress enough how much I believe in Accelerated Colloidal Silver® as the top choice for combating harmful pathogens. It's not just any silver supplement; it's my go-to because it goes the extra mile by incorporating bio-informational codes to supercharge the immune system more effectively.You see, when our immune system isn't at its best, it takes a toll on our mental well-being. That's why I'm personally recommending Accelerated Colloidal Silver® – because your health, both physical and mental, matters to me. For detailed product information and additional benefits, please visit the Accelerated Colloidal Silver® product page. Accelerated Gold® Gold has been cherished for millennia for its incredible ability to lift our spirits, ease anxiety and depression, boost our intellect, and deepen our spiritual connections. And now, with Accelerated Gold®, we're going a step beyond by infusing it with scalar technology. This unique approach adds bio-informational scalar codes to enhance its potential in combating anxiety and depression.But that's not all – here's something that sets Accelerated Gold® apart from the rest: it's alkaline. You see, most gold solutions out there tend to be acidic. This little detail can make a big difference in how you experience the benefits of gold.So, if you're looking to enhance your mood, find relief from anxiety and depression, sharpen your mind, and deepen your spiritual journey, Accelerated Gold® could be your personal key to unlocking these extraordinary benefits. For ingredients and detailed product information visit the Accelerated Gold® product page. Accelerated Keto™ Accelerated Keto™ has the power to transform your body into a fat-burning machine in just 30 minutes. It's like flipping a switch that immediately taps into your body's own fat stores for energy. This isn't just any supplement; it's your fast track to stabilizing blood sugar, reducing brain inflammation, and kickstarting the production of those wonderful neurotransmitters like GABA, dopamine, and serotonin that make you feel happy.When you combine Accelerated Keto™ with intermittent fasting and a low-carb diet, your body starts churning out ketones. These, in turn, supercharge your ATP production, giving you a significant boost in mental and physical energy. It's like turning on the turbocharger for your body and mind.But here's another incredible benefit: your liver plays a key role in this process. As your liver functions improve, so does your thyroid's performance. This means a revved-up metabolism, better mitochondrial function, and even more energy. It's worth noting that low thyroid function has a direct link to depression, so this could be a game-changer for your mood as well.And here's something fascinating: the liver holds onto negative emotions like anger and frustration. So, as it undergoes cleansing, you'll find those negative emotions gradually subsiding. It's not just about physical health; it's about emotional well-being too.Accelerated Keto™ isn't just a supplement; it's a journey towards a healthier, happier you. I believe in its potential to make a real difference in your life, both physically and emotionally. For ingredients and detailed product information visit the Accelerated Keto™ product page. MegaSporeBiotic by Microbiome Labs MegaSporeBiotic, a probiotic blend that's a game-changer for your gut health and immune function. It's not your typical probiotic; it's a carefully crafted combination of 5 Bacillus spores. What makes it special is the bi-phasic life cycle of these Bacillus spores. They stay dormant until they reach your gastrointestinal tract, and then, like magic, they transform into their active forms, colonizing your gut effectively. Think of MegaSporeBiotic as your ally in the journey towards a healthier gut and a brighter, more balanced emotional state. I believe in its ability to make a real difference in your life. For ingredients and detailed product information, visit the MegaSporeBiotic product page.
Stress Mover $54.99
Stress is a firestarter. From disrupting core bodily functions like digestion and homeostasis, to sparking conditions such as low energy, mood dysregulation and weight gain, research has linked states of prolonged stress to depression, gut distress, inflammation and general immune suppression. In the face of daily stress and systemic imbalance, Stress Mover can help you put the fire out. Stress Mover – Product Description Stress Mover is a unique botanical blend that manages the body’s stress response, while working synergistically with your epigenetic tendencies to optimize their expression. Its informed combination of calming amino acids and adaptogenic botanicals helps to regulate the production, distribution and metabolism of key hormones and neurotransmitters while supporting gut and immune system integrity for holistic renewal and everyday calm. Stress Mover Can Help Balance and Support: Stress Response Adrenal Function Digestive Function Chronic Fatigue Insomnia Gut Integrity Hypoglycemia Pathogenic Imbalances Recurrent Candida Hormonal Balance Skin & Hair Health Stress Mover Formula Not all supplements are created equal. With commonly overlooked genetic sensitivities in mind, Stress Mover is free of oxalates, sulfur-containing compounds and adaptogenic fungi – common additives in stress-support supplements that have been shown to contribute to inflammation and poor microbial health, which can encourage the growth of pathogens and spark immune irritation. Unlike most stress-support supplements, nothing in the formulation down regulates phase one liver detoxification or blocks sulfation pathways for oxalate metabolism. Stress Mover intentionally omits imbalancing ingredients to optimize epigenetic response for maximum efficacy and absorption. It is clean and pure – free from gluten, dairy, and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). We have found the combination of ingredients in Stress Mover to work synergistically together to support the function of the HPA axis and to bring balance to metabolic functions including some major detoxification pathways and gut health. Ingredients: Phosphatidylserine (soy free) from Sunflower Seed Lecithin: an amino acid derivative found in the brain. It helps maintain the structure of cell membranes and has been found to reduce stress and improve memory. Phosphatidylserine also reduces the stress hormone response in response to exercise. It blunts the pituitary-adrenal reactivity hormones, ACTH and cortisol, in response to emotional or mental stress. Phosphatidylserine also may also positively impact Alzheimer’s associated symptoms, slow age-related cognitive decline, combat depression, aid ADHD symptoms, and support athletic performance. Manganese: an essential metal necessary for the development, growth, and normal functioning of our bodies. Manganese deficiency is associated with reduced fertility, ovarian and testicular dysfunction, PMS symptoms, and defective insulin production. Manganese has been also shown low to lower histamine levels. Glycine: an amino acid involved in a wide range of functions including digestion, inflammation, depression, and overall metabolic function. Rhodiola Rosea: an extract of this adaptogenic herb. It helps manage stress and mental fatigue. It also has the potential to protect athletes from exercise-induced susceptibility to infections by reducing virus replication as well as providing other benefits such as improving inflammation and depression. Taurine: an amino acid important for cell health, taurine helps to regulate multiple biological processes in the body such as anti-oxidation, detoxification, neuromodulation, osmoregulation, anti-inflammation, cholestasis prevention, conjugation of bile acids, and thermoregulation. Keep this product out of reach of children. Do not start taking any products without first discussing it with your primary care provider (PCP). Do not take if pregnant or lactating. Avoid if you are allergic to any formula ingredients or if you are on any antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications. Discontinue use and consult your health care provider if you experience any adverse reactions including anxiety and insomnia.
Beta-TCP $23.95
Biotics Research Beta-TCP™ supports both healthy bile flow and the normal bile acid to cholesterol conversion. It contains both digestive and antioxidant enzymes (vitamin C), along with Taurine and organic beet concentrate. Biotics Research Beta-TCP™  Ingredients: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Taurine, Pancrelipase (porcine), Organic Beet Concentrate** (Beta vulgaris) (whole), Superoxide Dismutase (raw organic vegetable culture†) and Catalase (raw organic vegetable culture†).  †Specially grown, biologically active vegetable culture containing naturally associated phytochemicals including polyphenolic compounds with SOD and catalase, dehydrated at low temperature to preserve associated enzyme factors.  ** Whole beet concentrate from certified organically grown beets.  Cellulose, stearic acid (vegetable source), magnesium stearate (vegetable source) and food glaze.  This product is gluten and dairy free. Suggested Use: Adults take one (1) tablet with each meal as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional. Keep out of reach of children.
Fresh And Alive Oxy-Clear Digestive Cleanse Support $35.95
Oxygen Based Digestive Cleanse Support Digestive and detox support Supports normal intestinal health, regularity, and bowel elimination Oxy-Clear Digestive Cleanse Support provides digestive and detox support while helping proper bowel function. Oxy-Clear provides gentle natural bowel relief for those who struggle with constipation, or those on detoxification programs.  After a Cheat Day, taking 4-6 Oxytocin’s Clear will clear out the Cheat foods from the system and help you feel great the next day.
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Accelerated Parasite Cleanse $210.95 $229.69
A 30 Day Practitioner Recommended Parasite Cleanse to Eliminate Parasites Once and For All! Humans are exposed to parasites on a daily basis. We share the planet with thousands of different organisms, so it's only natural we will come into contact with them....even ones we can't see. And some of these organisms aren't very nice! Why your body will love the Parasite Cleanse This comprehensive 30 day detox cleanse not only addresses cleansing parasites out of the system within as little as 2 weeks, but also boosts the overall immune system, alleviates digestive disturbances, improves mental and physical energy, and supports overall wellbeing. It is recommended to do this protocol 1 to 3 times a year for maintenance. If you have pets, this cleanse is a MUST! Supports the elimination of chronic infestations of intestinal parasites and: Helps clear intestinal infections Addresses nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea Supports the immune system in devitalizing all foreign pathogens View the Accelerated Parasite Cleanse instructions. Upon ordering, instructions will be emailed for optimal completion of this effective 30 day program.
Health Concerns Aloe 22 $27.80
A Cleansing Black Walnut Herbal Formula to Support Normal Digestive Function Therapeutic Actions of Aloe 22: Treats chronic infestations of intestinal parasites Treats intestinal infections Relieves chronic constipation Helps with Diverticular disorders Formula This formula is recommended for those with poor digestion and constipation. Ingredients Black Walnut hulls (juglans nigra), Terminalia fruit (he zi), Ginger rhizome (gan jiang), Mume fruit (wu mei), Codonopsis root (dang shen), Poria sclerotium (fu ling), White Atractylodes rhizome (bai zhu), Quisqualis fruit (shi jun zi), Omphalia fruit (lei wan), Vladimiria Souliei root (mu xiang), Torreya seed (fei zi), Pomegranate rind (shi liu pi), Melia fruit (chuan lian zi), Rubia root (qian cao gen), Aurantium fruit (zhi shi), Nutmeg seed (rou dou kou), Cardamom fruit (sha ren), Ulmus fruit (wu yi), Zanthoxylum fruit (chuan jiao), Licorice root (gan cao), Aloe Vera herb (lu hui) About Health Concerns The First and Still the Best Health Concerns is at the leading edge of research in herbal medicine and is known for bringing the centuries of knowledge amassed in the Chinese herbal tradition to the West. Health Concerns was the first company to manufacture Chinese herbal products in the United States for practitioners. Today Health Concerns continues to research, test, and adapt traditional formulas by applying the science of modern biochemistry. As a result, Health Concerns can offer a variety of formulas for a full range of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment protocols as well as many products that address the specific conditions of Western patients. Commitment to Quality Health Concerns’ commitment to herbal medicine and modern science provides you with the best formulas available. The quality of their products has been remarkably consistent and dependable over the years. Since inception, they have been committed to taking whatever measures are necessary to guarantee safe herbs, free of contaminants or harmful ingredients. They provide a reliable, worry-free source of effective, quality Chinese herbs. Their stringent herb sourcing, quality controls, and testing for maximum potency and purity result in Chinese herbal formulas offering you the benefits of both ancient wisdom and modern science. Mission & Values Health Concerns is dedicated to promoting the benefits of herbal therapies by providing the highest quality herbal products available today. They understand that the traditional means of administering Traditional Chinese Medicine, through the brewing and drinking of teas, is not often effective for Western patients and have therefore developed a wide range of products based on TCM formulas in a tablet form. Health Concerns delivers outstanding products that improve people’s lives. Product Quality Assurance Herb Selection Their quality control program begins with the herbs themselves. They hand select the finest wild picked or organically grown herbs whenever possible, paying close attention to species, region of cultivation, time of harvest, and the spirit in which plants are grown and collected. They use only the most potent part of the plant. They do not use herbs that are endangered, sprayed or fumigated. Laboratory Testing Trained herbalists evaluate the herbs for quality on the basis of smell, taste and appearance, as has been done for thousands of years. The amount of active components, strength, and efficacy are then verified by analysis. To screen for pesticides, heavy metals, sulfites, and bacterial contamination, samples are sent to independent labs, which use the latest technology. Capillary electrophoresis, high-pressure liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, and thin-layer chromatography provide detailed compositional analysis at the molecular level. Processing and Potency Once the herbs have passed inspection, they are processed according to tradition to maximize potency and eliminate undesired effects. Raw herbs may be steamed, baked, alcohol-soaked or ginger-processed. The selection of each herb is double-checked and quantities are weighed twice so that formulas are uniform from batch to batch. Herbs are granulated and cooked as a decoction to improve bio availability. Combining Components They devote meticulous attention to each individual component of a formula and then, of course, to how components work together. Roots are cooked over low temperature overnight. Flowers are prepared by infusion. Alkaloid-containing herbs are soaked in alcohol, and aromatic extracts are added last to preserve their volatile components. A small amount of acacia gum and cellulose are used to bind the ingredients together, while magnesium aids the tableting process. Tableting and Packaging Once the herbs are compressed into tablets, they are coated to ease swallowing and preserve freshness. To make sure they can be absorbed, their disintegration is timed. During the final stage of manufacturing, they are packaged into bottles, inner and outer safety seals are applied, and each bottle is stamped with a lot number and manufacture date. A sample of each batch is sent to an outside lab to ensure the accuracy, purity and potency. Fully Tested & Guaranteed All Health concerns formulas are made in accordance with cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). Their manufacturing facility is certified by NSF International, an accrediting organization that tests, audits and certifies facilities. At Health Concerns, traditional and scientific assessment combined with time-honored methods of processing result in the most effective and reliable herbs available anywhere. Their testing criteria, known as SIDI (Standardized Information on Dietary Ingredients), is endorsed by the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA), the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), and the Natural Products Association. Their herbalists bring decades of training, experience, and care to the task of evaluation. They guarantee their products without reservation. We invite you to open a bottle of Health Concerns’ formulas to taste and smell the difference. Benefits Traditional Chinese Medicine Functions: Disperses stagnant Qi Purges gallbladder heat Intestinal Astringent Aloe 22 treats intestinal parasites and other intestinal diseases. The formula balances dispersing, eliminative forces with contracting and building forces, thus it is useful for a broad range of applications. The black walnut (juglans nigra), is a native tree of North America. Black walnuts are smaller, harder, and more pungent than the English walnuts sold in grocery stores. The hulls without the meaty kernels inside are used in herbal medicine. Black walnut trees exude a sap that discourages growth of competing plants over their roots. Black walnut hulls contain juglone, a chemical that is antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, and a fungicide. The hulls also contain tannins, iodine, vitamin C and zinc. Tannins act as a defense mechanism in plants against pathogens. The antihelmintic properties of tannins have been shown in scientific studies. Tannins are described to be antibacterial, and anti-diarrheic. Iodine is widely used as an antiseptic in medicine. It works by attaching itself to the pathogenic bacteria and thereby killing them. Cardamom (sha ren) treats abdominal pain and distension, and relieves intestinal spasms. It controls diarrhea caused by infection, but also treats constipation due to weak intestinal function. Astringent herbs such as mume (wu mei), terminalia (he zi), pomegranate (shi liu pi), nutmeg (rou dou kou), rubia (qian cao gen) treat diarrhea caused by infections, regulate intestinal secretions, and treat ulcers of the intestinal mucosa. Anthelmintics such as quisqualis (shi jun zi), omphalia (lei wan), torreya (fei zi), ulmus (wu yi), zanthoxylum (chuan jiao), and aloe vera (luhui) attack parasites in the bowels. Qi tonics such as codonopsis (dang shen), white atractylodes (bai zhu), and licorice (gan cao), and digestive herbs such as ginger (gan jiang) enhance immunityand improve absorption of nutrients. Use 1 to 3 tablets, three times a day
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