The Accelerated Health Products Story

Hi! I’m Sara Banta, Founder of Accelerated Health Products.

I’m a Health Coach, Natural Supplement Expert, Integrative Medicine Expert and busy mom of three. I am also the host of the Accelerated Health Radio and TV, where I interview top experts in optimizing Body, Mind, and Spirit to help you Increase Your Frequency and live your best life.

A little under 10 years ago I founded Accelerated Health Products with the goal of providing cutting-edge health information and products created to transform the health and wellness of people across the US. Where did this lead? Read on..........

In 2022, Accelerated Health Products has become one of the fastest growing supplement brands in the United States, being nominated for the 2022 World Ecommerce Awards.

Accelerated Health Products now sells over 12 branded products, and we sell over 150 cutting-edge health supplements created by other trusted health brands and partners.

I personally invite you to become a customer of Accelerated Health Products, and experience the difference our personal support and award winning products offer.

For free health articles, And be updated to my podcast or watch past episodes, Visit Sara Banta Health.

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