Acceleradine® Iodine


Acceleradine® Iodine


Discover the transformative power of Acceleradine® Iodine, an advanced iodine supplement designed to support your overall health and well-being.

Acceleradine® Iodine is packed with bioavailability that contributes to optimal thyroid function, metabolism, brain clarity, immune support, and overall vitality.
Acceleradine® Iodine is the #1 practitioner-recommended Iodine in the US due to its purity and absorption capabilities.

A 100% Bioactive Ionic Iodine Supplement, and super-charged with Scalar Frequency, there is no other iodine supplement to help optimally support thyroid function, detox from heavy metals and radiation, Increase Your Frequency®, and help boost your overall health.

  • 2% tincture of pure, natural, singlet, active iodine (I¯)
  • 100% Bioavailable
  • Vigilantly Pure and Radiation Free

Iodine Supplement Health Benefits:

Thyroid Function Support:

Iodine provides essential support to the thyroid gland, a crucial organ for regulating metabolism, fat burn, and weight management. Iodine is a key component in the production of thyroid hormones, helping to maintain a healthy and balanced metabolic rate.

Energy Metabolism:

Iodine is integral to the production of thyroid hormones, which play a vital role in energy metabolism and fat burning. By supporting thyroid function, Acceleradine® Iodine may help enhance your energy levels and combat feelings of fatigue.

Immune System Boost:

Adequate iodine levels are essential for a robust immune system. Acceleradine® Iodine contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system, helping your body defend itself against external threats and promoting overall wellness. It helps devitalize foreign pathogens including viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

Cognitive Function:

Iodine is crucial for brain health and cognitive function. Acceleradine® Iodine supports the synthesis of neurotransmitters, aiding in mental clarity, focus, and overall cognitive performance. It also detoxes the brain of fluoride, lead and other toxins that cause brain fog. Iodine deficiency is the number one cause of depression.

Detoxification Support:

Iodine plays a role in the detoxification process, helping the body eliminate toxins and maintain a healthy balance. Acceleradine® Iodine assists in supporting the body's natural detox pathways.

Cellular Health:

Iodine is essential for the health of every cell in the body. Acceleradine® supports cellular function, contributing to overall well-being and helping to maintain healthy tissues.

Reproductive Health:

Iodine is crucial to the functioning of the reproductive system. Acceleradine® Iodine supports reproductive health in both men and women, playing a role in fertility and overall reproductive well-being.

Thyroid Antioxidant Protection:

Iodine acts as an antioxidant, protecting the thyroid gland and all cells in the body from oxidative stress. This helps to maintain the integrity of the thyroid tissue and supports its optimal function.

Easy Absorption and Purity:

Acceleradine® Iodine is carefully formulated for optimal bioavailability, ensuring that your body can efficiently absorb and utilize the iodine. It is also rigorously tested for purity, providing you with a high-quality supplement you can trust.

Enhanced with Proprietary Scalar Frequency Technology

Acceleradine® Iodine is enhanced with scalar frequencies to further increase its efficacy.

Revitalize your health with Acceleradine® Iodine, a premium iodine supplement that goes beyond basic support, offering a comprehensive range of benefits for your thyroid, immune system, and overall vitality. Incorporate Acceleradine® Iodine into your daily routine and experience the positive impact it can have on your well-being.


Interested in learning about Iodine supplementation? Visit Sara Banta Health for articles on iodine supplementation, uses and benefits.


Scalar charged 2% tincture: 200 proof, non GMO grain alcohol, singlet iodine atoms (I-)

Why Accelerated Iodine Is The Best Iodine Supplement

Acceleradine® Iodine is a scalar charged 2% tincture of vigilantly pure, natural, singlet, active iodine (I¯)


A proprietary process suspends this extremely high frequency iodine formula in its simplest form (atoms — not molecules, compounds, or complexes), making it extremely bioavailable (~100%). 


This 2% singlet iodine atom (I¯) tincture in pure, non-GMO grain alcohol is a negatively charged, true ionic tincture. Proprietary, private testing shows this iodine is radiation-free due to its vigilantly pure source of iodine.

Directions for use

Start slowly

Start with 3 drops in water 3 times a day on an empty stomach. Increase by 1 drop per dose per day until you get to 25 drops three times a day. Continue with 75 drops per day. Take at least 15 minutes before food or other supplements.


Basic/Advanced Saturation

If you experience detox, nausea, throat burn, or stimulated heart rate, stop for 48 hours. Bioavailable iodine won’t harm you, but overdoing any potentially detoxifying supplement or food can make you feel very tired, achy, irritable, restless, or experience many other cleanse reactions, so always start with small servings and gradually increase as long as you don’t have any adverse reactions.



  • Continue taking 25 drops 3 times per day. If you choose to take only 2 doses, you can take 37 drops twice a day.
  • Please take Acceleradine® Iodine at least 15 minutes before or 1 hour after food.
  • Acceleradine® Iodine never substitutes thyroid medications

Iodine: The Most Essential Mineral

In today’s toxic world, we are bombarded with EMF’s, poisons and toxins to the point where it is essential to detox on a daily basis and supplement with iodine as our food supply no longer provides the proper amount. Iodine Deficiency could cause fatigue, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, depression, cancer, fibrocystic breasts, brain fog, and much more. Iodine is needed in every cell of the body.


In this video, Sara Banta, certified supplement expert and founder of Accelerated Health Products, discusses the importance of iodine for not just thyroid function, metabolism and weight loss, but for all of the organs and cells in the body, including the brain.


What makes Acceleradine® Iodine unique?

  • It’s vigilantly pure and radiation free. Both the iodine source used in Acceleradine® (from a pristine, uncontaminated, underground mine site in South America) and the non-GMO grain alcohol have been tested and shown to be radiation free!
  • It’s 100% Bioavailable. This is a 2% singlet iodine atom (I ¯ ) negatively charged, true ionic tincture. Our proprietary process suspends this extremely high frequency iodine formula in its simplest form — atoms (not molecules, compounds, or complexes). It has superior cell uptake compared to: iodine (I2); potassium iodide (KI) or iodate (KIO3); sodium iodide (NaI); ammonium iodide (NH4I); iodine trichloride (ICl3″halogen displacement); & povidone iodine (I2+synthetic polymer—in drugstores and hospitals)


What are the symptoms of Iodine Deficiency?

Overweight/underweight, chronic fatigue especially upon rising, depression, irritability, recurrent infections, muscle weakness/aches, joint aches, sensitivity to cold (cold hands/feet), headaches, constipation, decreased libido, high/low body temperature, high/low heart rate/blood pressure, increased sweating, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, heart enlargement, fluid retention from decreased lymph drainage, increased allergies, dry skin, hair loss, brittle nails, difficulty breathing, impaired concentration/memory, slow speech, thick tongue, hoarseness, painful menstruation, infertility, miscarriages, decreased kidney function, gastrointestinal disturbances, blood calcium problems, deafness, unsteadiness, obstructive sleep apnea, myxedema, bug eyes, etc.



Do doctors test for iodine deficiency?

Doctors today fail to test for iodine deficiency. They only test for some of the hormones related to the thyroid — T4 and TSH, and, if pushed, may test for T3, rT3, rT4, FT3, FT4, and others related to subclinical autoimmune issues — but these tests miss that adrenals secrete backup T4, T3 and that iodine is displaced by fluoride, chlorine, bromine and radioactive iodine from its rightful receptor rendering T4, T3 useless (FT3, FT4 shed light on this). So tests routinely show a false “normal” thyroid, masking overworked adrenals and a malfunctioning thyroid. By the time there is a thyroid issue, it is too late and the adrenals are exhausted too.

For more information on the importance of Iodine and it’s functions, please read this document: AHP Iodine – The Universal & Holistic Super Mineral [pdf]

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