Sara Banta's Radiation and Heavy Metal Detox



5 piece kit 6 piece kit (includes Accelerated Ancient Salt)

Sara Banta's Radiation and Heavy Metal Detox



5 piece kit 6 piece kit (includes Accelerated Ancient Salt)

A powerful 30-day heavy metal detox that also helps zero out any radiation and EMF's from the body. 

Sara Banta's 30 Day Radiation & Heavy Metal Detox 

The supplements in the Radiation & Heavy Metals Detox Cleanse help to zero out the radiation, boost your immune system and help fill your body with the only radiation-free monatomic iodine available so that your thyroid and metabolism work optimally, and have no room to absorb any more radiation.

More about the products in this cleanse:

Acceleradine® Iodine

This is the only Mono-atomic Iodine that is not only Radiation-free but is scalar-charged to neutralize radiation in the body. So, as you are feeding your thyroid the proper amounts of needed iodine, you are also detoxing your cells throughout the body of poisons including Fluoride, Chlorine, Bromide, Radioactive Iodine, and other poisons. Because you will be detoxing these substances, you want to start slow with the servings.

Directions: Start with 4 drops in water 3 times a day on an empty stomach. It should be the first thing you take when you wake up. Increase the serving by 1 drop each serve each day. So day 2, you will be taking 5 drops, 3 times a day. Do so until you get to 20 drops 3 times a day. Stay at that level for at least 4 months to achieve saturation. Then you can drop down to 15 drops per serve. If you feel rapid heart rate or other symptoms, slow down the increase. You cannot overserve but you obviously want to be comfortable.

What makes Acceleradine® different from other iodine supplements?

  • It is CHARGED WITH TRUE SCALAR ENERGY: This means it is treated with the most balanced highest frequency and heals at the deepest levels. Helps fight radiation exposure in addition to supplying ample iodine.
  • It is RADIATION FREE: Seaweed and most other iodine come from sources that are heavily radio-contaminated due to Fukushima.
  • It is A SINGLET IODINE ATOM WITH 100% BIOAVAILABILITY: Most iodines are diatomic molecules that require the body to use more energy to break down, which is especially hard if you have a weak immune system.
  • It produces APOPTOSIS: This means it causes cell death of weak or diseased cells.

Accelerated Thyroid®

Accelerated Thyroid® has been Bio Energetically Enhanced with our proprietary Scalar Field technology to imbue specific healing patterns into this product.

    These halogen chemicals that are very common in our water supply and other household items actually lock into the receptor sites of the thyroid thus diminishing the function of the thyroid and leading to a slow metabolism.
    Our scalar-enhanced products add another dimension of healing to our already unique formulation.  

    Accelerated Thyroid® is programmed with frequencies to:

    • Clear emotional and physical shock from the body
    • Improve the overall health of the Thyroid
    • Detox halogens
    • Detox heavy metals
    • Detox radiation
    • Balance thyroid with parathyroid.

    Accelerated NucNoMore®


    • Antidotal Frequencies for Nuclear Fallout and smog of hundreds of Radioactive isotopes and general radiation from Ionizing Radiation like commercial flying and X-rays
    • Antidotal Frequencies for Non-ionizing Radiation from things like Smart MetersSmart Cell Phones and Electro-pollution.

    This product enhances the function of the Acceleradine®, even after you finish taking the NucNoMore®, and continue with just the Acceleradine®. One bottle will neutralize radiation in the body and keep it at zero even after finishing the bottle unless you are exposed to a large amount of radiation again.

    Directions: After taking your first serve of Acceleradine® in the morning, immediately take 12 drops of NucNoMore® under your tongue (not diluted). For enhanced results, follow 10 minutes later with Radiation-Free Rehydrating Accelerated Ancient Salt™.

    Accelerated Colloidal Silver™

    • 16 OUNCES OF ULTRAFINE 99.99% PURE SILVER HYDROSOL for Immune Support
    • Now enhanced with scalar technology

    Accelerated Colloidal Silver™ is programmed with frequencies to:

    • Clear emotional and physical shock from the body
    • Improves the health of the Thymus,
    • Improves Lung function,
    • Devitalizes viruses
    • Devitalizes bacteria

    Accelerated Cellular Detox®

    Accelerated Cellular Detox® detox powder soaks up all of the toxins from the day, the toxins you released from the Acceleradine®, Accelerated Colloidal Silver™, and NucNoMore®, help with regularity and bloat and start cleaning out the system from years of build-up.

    Optional Accelerated Ancient Salt™:

    Is a strongly negatively charged (to help “pull out” positively charged toxins, parasites and undigested fats), pure, raw, unbleached, unheated, unrefined ancient seabed and sea salt from pristine sources that contain no harmful or synthetic excipients.

    This product is a mixture of five precious salts from high-frequency locations in the Andes Mountains, the Himalayas, and the United States. It is scalar-charged to further enhance its frequency. Through the use of basic quantum mechanics combined with high purity of raw materials, a scalar field is developed. The resultant scalar energy is a higher frequency of energy that helps create organization of the DNA.

    Directions for Use


    Patch test.
    Apply to inside upper arm: If it disappears within 24 hours, this indicates that you are iodine deficient; if it doesn’t, it is a possible sign of sluggish lymph with severe iodine deficiency and dehydration.

    Start slowly.
    Begin with 3-4 drops graduating to 20 drops three times a day (for instance, at 8AM, 12PM and 4PM) on an empty stomach. Put drops in 4-12 oz water. Drink immediately and wait 15 minutes before food.

    Basic/Advanced Saturation.
    If you experience detox, nausea, throat burn, or stimulated heart rate, stop for 48 hours. Bioavailable iodine won’t harm you, but overdoing any potentially detoxifying supplement or food can make you feel very tired, achy, irritable, restless, or experience many other cleanse reactions, so always start with small servings and gradually increase as long as you don’t have any adverse reactions.

    Acceleradine® never substitutes thyroid meds.

    Accelerated NucNoMore®:

    12 drops once per day under the tongue, immediately after your first serve of Acceleradine®. If flying, traveling to radioacontaminated areas, or living in areas of higher exposure such as Japan, Hawaii, California, etc., or for those working in nuclear plants or nuclear medicine, 12 drops once per day is recommended before, during, and after exposure. Since people and conditions are different, always monitor and measure exposure and contamination levels and seek guidance from a licensed health practitioner.

    *Make sure you are hydrating with Himalayan salt on the tongue throughout the day, appprox 1 teaspoon on the tongue or dissolve in water.

    Accelerated Colloidal Silver™:

    Adults Only Serving Size: Take 2 teaspoons (10ml) by mouth, from 3-7 times daily (depending on purpose of use.) Child usage and serving only upon recommendation of the child’s doctor.

    Caution: Keep out of the reach of children. Before taking, consult your health care professional. Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Child usage and serving only upon recommendation of the child’s doctor.

    Accelerated Cellular Detox®:

    1-3 tsp in juice or water before bed. This will help soak up the toxins you are releasing with the Thyroid Detox Bundle. This is only combination of all six organic ingredients in the most effective ratios. I mix it with water, lemon or Apple Cider Vinegar, and stevia (tastes like lemonade or apple juice with no sugar).

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