Accelerated Parasite Cleanse Instructions

Supplement details and step-by-step instructions for the Accelerated Parasite Cleanse.
Accelerated Parasite Cleanse Instructions - Accelerated Health Products

No one wants to think about worms or other nasty parasites slithering around in your body, and making you their “home”, but the reality is most of us have parasites. In fact, it is estimated that over 50% of all Americans carry parasites. Learn more about types of parasites in my article "How to Rid Your Body of Parasites".

The Accelerated Parasite Cleanse contains herbs and supplements known to kill different parasites inhabiting the body.

This is a 14 day cleanse designed by health practitioners to eliminate different parasites and cleanse the gut.

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Supplements included in the Accelerated Parasite Cleanse are:

Acceleradine® Iodine

Not only is Acceleradine® Iodine 100% bioavailable, compared to most iodine supplements that only have 10-20% absorption, but it helps improve thyroid health, metabolism, and cellular energy. Additionally, it helps devitalize foreign pathogens including parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungus.

Iodine acts as an antioxidant, suppresses auto-immune conditions, induces health cell turnover, destroys abnormal cells, and boosts the immune system. You can use it topically with castor oil to break up scar tissue, which is well known to be where parasites reside.

Directions: Start with taking 3 drops 3 times a day in water on an empty stomach 15 minutes away from food or other supplements. Increase by 1 drop per dose per day until you reach 25 drops 3 times a day.

Accelerated Colloidal Silver

This is a powerful combination of Nano and Colloidal Silver that has been charged with scalar frequency for enhanced efficacy. It may help devitalize foreign pathogens including parasites, bacteria, viruses, and more. It helps boost the immune system so the immune system can function optimally fighting all foreign pathogens.

Accelerated Colloidal Silver is programmed with frequencies to:

  • Clear emotional and physical shock from the body
  • Improves the health of the Thymus,
  • Improves Lung function,  
  • Devitalizes viruses
  • Devitalizes bacteria

Directions: 2-3 tsp, 4-7 times a day. Keep in your mouth for a minute before swallowing. You can use it topically for skin irritations, burns, sinus infections, ear infections, eye infections, acne, and rashes as well. For lung support, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, or chest colds, put in a nebulizer without dilution and breathe it into your lungs. Take this with or without food and with or without the other supplements except for Acceleradine®.


Artestatin is a supplement composed of the herbs that inhibit the growth of amoebae.

The chief herb is Chinese Wormwood, which has been found through research to be effective in treating parasites, including malaria and giardiasis which are both caused by amoebic organisms.

The second herb Cascara Sagrada is a bitter antimicrobial.

The additional ingredients are known to address malaria, other amoebic conditions, and killing parasites in the cyst stage. Furthermore, this formula relieves inflammation and Qi Stagnation (also known as circulation), relieves amoebic dysentery, helps water retention, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea caused by contaminated food bacillary and amoebic dysentery. It is also helpful to use in conjunction with biomedical therapy for malaria, cryptosporidiosis, shigellosis, and trichomoniasis.

Directions: Start with 1 capsule three times a day and increase to 3 capsules three times a day. If you become constipated, you may add Laxa Comfort at night or increase the Aloe 22 dose.

Aloe 22

Aloe 22 works in conjunction with the Artestatin and helps treat chronic infestations of intestinal parasites, intestinal infections, chronic constipation, and diverticular disorders. The main ingredient is Black Walnut hulls, which are well known to help kill parasites.

Directions: Take 1-3 capsules three times a day with Artestatin

**If you experience constipation, increase Aloe 22. If you experience diarrhea, increase Artestatin.

Accelerated Cellular Detox® Powder

This combination of micronized zeolite, diatomaceous earth, activated charcoal, Triphala, and slippery elm in Accelerated Cellular Detox® Powder is also enhanced with scalar frequencies to further its detoxification efficacy. The powder soaks up poisons, toxins, and parasites as they are being expelled from the system. It also helps alleviate the associated diarrhea and constipation from parasitic infestations.

Accelerated Cellular Detox® Powder is programmed with frequencies to:

  • Clear emotional and physical shock from the body
  • Detox the body from Pesticides and Insecticides
  • Detox the body from heavy metals and radiation

Directions: Take 1 tbsp at night before bed in water or juice. Best to mix with a little apple cider vinegar or lemon, stevia, and water over ice.

Accelerated Ancient Salt™ (sample)

Accelerated Ancient Salt™ is a scalar frequency enhanced health salt with a mixture of five precious ancient seabed and sea salts. Not only does it have over 62 minerals in addition to sodium, but it holds a strong negative charge to help pull out the positively charged toxins, parasites, and undigested fats.

Directions: Use liberally throughout the day, in your water, on your tongue, and your food for proper hydration, mineralization, and detoxification of parasites.




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