HeaWea MicroGen Troubleshooting Guide

HeaWea MicroGen Troubleshooting Guide - Accelerated Health Products

I've been a convert of the HeaWea MicroGen for some months now. This portable healing device has fast become one of my favorite health devices.

However.....even thought their customer support is excellent, as with all electronic devices, problems may arise.

Thankfully there have been minimal issues with the HeaWea MicroGen, however some people have reported software issues. The biggest problem seems to be that the software is PC centric and not as simple for Mac users. 

I've put this troubleshooting guide together to help anyone looking for quick solutions to their HeaWea MicroGen issues. If you are still having trouble contact support@heawea.com as the customer service is excellent.

HeaWea MicroGen Troubleshooting Guide

Having trouble installing the HeaWea MicroGen software? The following instructions should have resolve the issues.

Problems Installing the HeaWea MicroGen Software - PC Only (see PDF for Mac instructions)

Step 1: Try to reinstall the software again and click the blood purifier to check if it is ok. Here is the link to the download page: https://www.heawea.com/software-download/

* Please note the Download button is for PC - Mac instructions must be accessed via PDF.

Step 2: If reinstalling the software does not work, then you can install drivers under Utils tab. After installing the drivers try reinstalling again.

Step 3: If Step 2 doesn't work, you can check your device manager, and see if you can find the related port on your device manager. If yes, you can upgrade your firmware.
Follow the link below to upgrade the firmware.
After upgrading the firmware, close and reopen your MicroGen software and try again.

Want to Know More About The HeaWea MicroGen? Check out my video.


I recommend visiting the HeaWea Users Guide and reading the FAQ section.

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