Holozyme Enzymes vs. Regular Enzymes

Holozyme Enzymes vs. Regular Enzymes - Accelerated Health Products

When we eat food, the enzymes in our gut help to break food down into carbohydrates, fat, and protein molecules that our bodies can absorb and utilize for energy.

However, if our gut doesn't have enough digestive enzymes to break down the food properly, larger food pieces can linger and ferment in our guts, feeding gut bacteria. This can lead to bloating, burping, gas, and other embarrassing issues, and it can mess with our digestion—either slowing it down or speeding it up.

Over time, this cycle can disrupt our gut bacteria further and reduce the amount of nutrients we absorb, making it even harder for our bodies to produce enough digestive enzymes.

cycle of digestion
The Cycle of Digestion - Image ©️ mayoclinic.org

What Factors Contribute to Low Digestive Enzymes

Several factors can contribute to low digestive enzymes:

  • Low stomach acid
  • Not chewing food properly
  • Stress
  • Aging
  • Physical or emotional trauma

With everything going on in today's world, it's no wonder most people's digestion struggles to keep up.
While digestive enzymes have been used for centuries, there's been one major problem preventing them from reliably working.

In order for digestive enzymes to work, they must be “activated” by very specific minerals, and unless they are activated, it is simply luck that they work.

Introducing HoloZyme™ Digestive Enzymes

HoloZyme™ Digestive Enzymes have a specific enzyme strain and mineral cofactor combination that, when combined correctly, creates the most activated enzyme in the world. Featuring a potent combination of protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase, and lactase enzymes, each serving of HoloZyme™ is designed to break down proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibers, and lactose with precision. This comprehensive approach ensures that your body can efficiently extract vital nutrients from food, promoting overall well-being and vitality.

The Difference Between HoloZyme™ and Other Digestive Enzymes

Unlike traditional digestive enzyme supplements, Holozyme™ is formulated with cutting-edge technology to maximize bioavailability and effectiveness. The capsules are enteric-coated which ensures targeted release in the small intestine, where nutrient absorption primarily occurs, for optimal results.

What are the Ingredients in HoloZyme™ Digestive Enzymes

The ingredients in HoloZyme™ Digestive Enzymes are formulated to enhance digestive wellness. Proprietary ingredients include:

1. AES® Patented Absorption Technology: This technology protects enzymes from stomach acid degradation, ensures enzymes activate at the right time, and includes organic trace minerals to support gut health.

2. Activ-Blend™: A 4x concentrated, dual hybrid enzyme blend that functions effectively across a wide pH range (from pH 1.7 to pH 11.0) in the body.

  • Activ-Blend™ Protease: A pancreatic enzyme that breaks down proteins.
  • Activ-Blend™ Amylase: A pancreatic enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates.
  • Activ-Blend™ Lipase: A pancreatic enzyme that breaks down fats.
  • Activ-Blend™ Lactase: A brush border enzyme that breaks down lactose sugar.
  • Activ-Blend™ Cellulase: Enzymes that break down cellulose and fiber.
  • Activ-Blend™ Sucrase: A brush border enzyme that breaks down sucrose sugars.
  • Activ-Blend™ Maltase: A brush border enzyme that breaks down maltose sugars.
  • Activ-Blend™ Alpha-Galactosidase: A brush border enzyme that breaks down fibers in legumes and vegetables.
  • Activ-Blend™ Xylanase: A brush border enzyme that helps break apart carbohydrates, polyphenols, and salicylates.
  • Activ-Blend™ Phytase: A brush border enzyme that breaks down phytic acid, aiding in digestion of nuts and seeds.

3. Fulvic Minerals: A powerful trace mineral complex that helps activate enzymes and promote healing in the body.

Can HoloZyme™ Digestive Enzymes Help with Bloating and Constipation

HoloZyme™ Digestive Enzymes may help with bloating and constipation as it helps fully digest foods to prevent gassy buildups and flatten the belly. Because you are absorbing more nutrients, this can also help to ease constipation.

Can Holozyme™ Digestive Enzymes Help SIBO

SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) can be aggravated by undigested food that ferments and populates the wrong bacteria in the small intestine. As Holozyme™ Digestive Enzymes helps break down food efficiently, it can help with SIBO.

How Do Holozyme™ Digestive Enzymes Work

HoloZyme™ Digestive Enzymes help to fully digest foods by using its activated enzymes to break down the food in your stomach. It helps you tolerate more foods, absorb more nutrients to help with increased energy and immune health.

Are There Any Side Effects From Taking Digestive Enzymes

No. You can’t take too much of HoloZyme™ Digestive Enzymes; there are no side effects from taking HoloZyme™ Digestive Enzymes. However, if you are taking other digestive enzymes from fungal sources or with toxic ingredients, then side effects could occur. HoloZyme™ Digestive Enzymes are non-GMO, vegan, and include fulvic and humic minerals. There have been 6 human studies showing its efficacy and purity.

Results of the HoloZyme™ Clinical Studies

Here are summaries of six pilot studies conducted:

  • Pilot Study 1: In a 12-person, placebo-controlled 30-day study, there was an 18% reduction in blood sugar levels observed.
  • Pilot Study 2: A study involving 5 individuals consuming a high-fat meal showed an average decrease of 16.8% in triglyceride levels.
  • Pilot Study 3: This 30-day study with 7 participants demonstrated a reduction in triglyceride levels ranging from 4.5% to 22.8% after meals.
  • Pilot Study 4: In a 21-day study with 60 participants, significant improvements were observed, including a 26% drop in blood triglyceride levels, nearly 19% decrease in RLP cholesterol, 9.8% reduction in NEFA fats, and over 30% decrease in PAI-1 levels.
  • Pilot Study 5: A trial involving 3 individuals showed a decrease in serum uric acid levels.
  • Pilot Study 6: In a study with 5 participants, there was a notable 37% reduction in high uric acid levels.

How to Take HoloZyme™ Digestive Enzymes

  • Regular: 2 per meal 3x per day
  • Anti-Aging: 2 per meal 3x per day, 2 before bed
  • Banged up: 4 per meal 3x per day, 4 before bed
  • Flare up: 6 per meal 3x per day, 6 before bed
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