Accelerated Colloidal Silver



16 ounce bottle 4 pack case of 12

Accelerated Colloidal Silver



16 ounce bottle 4 pack case of 12

Accelerated Colloidal Silver (previously Accelerated Scalar Silver) delivers additional potency by being charged with scalar technology to help powerfully support, strengthen and boost your immune system.

  • Ultra fine pure Colloidal Silver 99.99%
  • Like no other Colloidal Silver on the market
  • Clear, not yellow or brown, for purity and efficacy
  • 100% Alkaline 
  • Helps boost the immune system
  • Helps alkalize the blood
  • Made with proprietary Scalar Silver technology
  • Uses ozonated and UV sterilized distilled water
  • Bio Energetically Imprinted to enhance its efficacy
  • Safe with no risk of side-effects
  • Alkaline pH of 8.0
  • Gluten-free, Vegan & Cruelty-free
  • Made in the United States

Accelerated Colloidal Silver is programmed with SCALAR frequencies to:

  • Clear emotional and physical shock from the body
  • Improves the health of the Thymus
  • Improves Lung function
  • Devitalizes viruses
  • Devitalizes bacteria



Traditional colloidal silver of the past now seems somewhat old school, and it has been replaced with new technologies that are now marketed without even mentioning the word "colloidal" on their bottle or advertising. 

Colloidal simply means “particles suspended in water”. Therefore, colloidal silver is silver particles suspended in water.

Don't be misled by many of the so called "colloidal silver solutions" or homemade silver solutions that are simply not put through the same rigorous testing and sophisticated manufacturing processes as Accelerated Colloidal Silver.

True Colloidal Silver should NOT be yellow or brown in color. 

Real colloidal silver is made up of 2 or more atoms of silver that are not bound to any other substance and can be separated out of the solution if desired.

A high concentration of this type of silver with enough PPM’s (parts per million) will change the color of the water to a golden yellow tint. If the particle size of the silver is
small enough and the ppm is lower, then the color of the solution can also be clear.

It is extremely important to make sure that whatever colloidal silver product you are ingesting is made with only steam distilled water and pure silver (99.99% pure).
Most companies will not spend the extra money to use steam distilled water as the equipment necessary is expensive.


Many studies have been conducted on the powerful virus and bacteria devitalizing properties of colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver has been used for centuries, and today is used as a first-line oral and topical solution to fight bacteria, viruses and infection.


Colloidal silver has numerous applications, including:

  • Wound healing
  • Virus and bacteria support
  • Sinus infections (see Accelerated Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray)
  • Nebulize to help with virus-related breathing difficulties
  • Ear and eye infections
  • Pet eye and ear infections


The antibacterial properties of silver, and the clarity and purity of Accelerated Colloidal Silver make it a perfect chemical-free alternative for pink eye.


For dog eye infections, spray silver in the eyes. Silver is known as a natural antibiotic so any infection in the eye, such as pink eye, allergy or inflammation may be helped
with silver. They may blink a bit but it is just like spraying water in their eyes.

For dog ear infections, put 2-3 drops of silver in each ear to help fight ear infections caused by bacteria, virus, or any foreign pathogen.


Will I turn blue taking silver?

NO! Critics of colloidal silver will state that silver can cause Argyria, or turn you “blue”. This statement has been debunked, as Argyria is caused by silver compounds, such
as silver nitrate, silver sulfate, silver sulfadiazine, etc., and not micro-particles of pure elemental silver. 

Is Colloidal Safe?

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Poison Control Center reports no toxicity listing for colloidal silver. Regular doses of colloidal silver can act as a second immune system by assisting the body in the war against invading microorganisms. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics which destroy beneficial enzymes, colloidal silver leaves these tissue-cell enzymes intact. In other words, it does not harm the good tissue or affect your “good” gut bacteria.


Accelerated Colloidal Silver™ is a registered trademark of Accelerated Health Products LLC.

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Accelerated Colloidal Silver has only 2 Ingredients:

  • 10 PPM of 99.99% Pure Silver
  • Ozonated and UV sterilized distilled water

Directions for use

Take 1 tbs 3-5 times per day. Swish it in your mouth for one minute and then swallow.  May be nebulized for lung infections, bronchitis, pneumonia and more.  May be sprayed in the eyes for eye infections or on the skin for acne, rashes, and burns.  For ear infections, put 1-2 drops in the ear for two minutes and then dump out.

Child usage and serving only upon recommendation of the child's doctor.

Additional Information





Is Accelerated Colloidal Silver alkaline?

Yes! Accelerated Colloidal Silver has an alkaline pH of 8.0. Additionally, because the silver particles are so small, they interact with the water molecules surrounding them, and so we have created a silver solution product that has an alkaline pH. This is due to the restructuring of water molecules around our silver particle, thus attracting the OH- or hydroxyl water molecule to form around our silver particle. 


Not only does this alkalize the water, but also lowers the surface tension of the water by breaking the water molecules into smaller groups, also known as micro-clustering. These micro-clusters create a "wetter" silver solution whose surface tension is low, thus allowing better penetration.


Most water has a surface tension of 72 dynes-very sticky. Blood plasma has a surface tension of 50 dynes. Accelerated Scalar Silver is around 28 Dynes, making it a lot less sticky and therefore able to absorb better and be carried deeper into the body.

Most silvers on the market have an acidic pH. This is either because the particle size is too large or there are other contaminants in their product generated from their manufacturing process. 


One such contaminant that creates extremely acidic silver solutions is nitric acid and silver nitrates. This can be found in certain processes that use very high AC voltage current to make the silver. This certainly is a faster way to make silver, but quality is compromised and extreme acids are produced as a by-product.


Accelerated Coloidal Silver has a proprietary method that uses only pure water (double distilled) and a specific current limiting device that prevents "runaway" electric current flow. This is extremely important in order to create nano silver particles from forming into larger colloids. Additionally, we use very low current, which of course takes a lot longer, but provides the ability to create the smallest particle size possible with no possibility of creating silver nitrates. Real nano silver cannot be rushed.


Why does Accelerated Colloidal Silver taste just like water, when other colloidal silvers taste bitter or extremely metallic?

First of all, if your silver tastes acidic and sour, it is likely to have a pH on the extreme acidic side. We have tested some other silver solutions and found their pH levels to be acidic. This could be a water quality issue or worse it might contain by products of the manufacturing process which can create acidic compounds.


Our silver solution actually has a pH in the alkaline range that usually stabilizes around 8.0. Very few silver solutions that I know of actually have an alkaline pH. When a batch is newly made and tested, we get a pH of 9.0, but then as time goes on, the solution stabilizes at 8.0. This alkalinity of our silver gives it a nice pleasant taste. Additionally, we use stream distilled water and our chambers are made of glass. We use a special P.E.T. crystalline plastic bottle that does not leach at all, so as not to impart any impurities from the container that it is stored in.


The process we use is time consuming and made in smaller batches. It is the attention to detail and the pursuit to create the world's best silver solution that we feel separates us from the competition.


Is Accelerated Colloidal Silver Structured Silver?

Yes! Accelerated Colloidal Silver is Structured Silver.
We use a time consuming step to structure our silver solution using magnetic water implosion technology. As far as we know, we are the only company using this technology during the silver making process. It is one of the secrets to creating alkaline silver while structuring the water in a very specific arrangement that has been found to be very beneficial, as well as stripping any rogue or discordant information patterns from our water and silver particles. It is important that our solution has been "wiped" clean for the last step of our process that uses a special scalar field technology to program biofields into our product.


What's in Accelerated Colloidal Silver?

Accelerated Colloidal Silver consists of solely distilled water and silver.

Our process utilizes an incubator in which the silver is produced through a completely closed looped system. This means that no oxygen from the air can interact with the silver solution during the making of the nano silver colloids.


Free oxygen is also purged from the water being used. When oxygen interacts with silver while being produced, it is very likely that silver oxides will form. Your silver should only contain pure water and silver. No additives like salt, or by products like nitrates or proteins that keep large silver particles in suspension should be in your silver solution. You would be surprised at the many products on the market that contain these other additives or contaminants.


What does it mean that Accelerated Colloidal Silver is enhanced with bio information?

The last step in the process of producing nano colloidal silver, is to program specific bio information into the silver solution directly. Most people are not aware of scalar field technology and this is another huge difference that makes Accelerated Colloidal Silver unique.


Before we talk about scalar technology, we must have an understanding that both water and silver can hold information. Water is basically a liquid crystal, similar to silicon chips, and can hold and store information imprinted within it. Silver is the most conductive of all metals and the very first music and voice recorders were actually silver wire recorders.


This is the basis for allowing us to program specific biofields into the silver to enhance the immune system as well as program specific fields to counteract or devitalize specific pathogens in the body. If the silver is programmed, it can act like a silver bullet and find its target.


Can I take Accelerated Colloidal Silver if I am pregnant or nursing?

Check with your doctor before taking this product if you are pregnant or nursing.


Can I give Accelerated Colloidal Silver to my children?

Child usage and dosage only upon recommendation of the child’s health practitioner.

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