Accelerated Castor Oil


Accelerated Castor Oil


Accelerated Scalar Castor Oil is enhanced with scalar frequency, is free of pesticides and chemicals, is 100% pure, made with plant-based castor oil, and is able to penetrate all three layers of the skin. It is very effective when mixed with the extremely bioactive, Scalar Enhanced charged singlet atoms of iodine (I-), Acceleradine, and applied to the skin. 

The skin holds 20% of the body’s iodine reserves, and 96% of people are iodine deficient in the US.       

Suggested Accelerated Castor Oil Uses:

“Mixture”: Mix Accelerated Scalar Castor Oil and Acceleradine® Iodine in a small glass container. Using a wooden spoon mix to a light to medium brown color based on the sensitivity of the skin area you are targeting (skin regularly exposed to sunlight is less sensitive). Prepare the mixture fresh each time as the Acceleradine® will evaporate out of the mixture. Apply the mixture with sanitized hands; or use Q-tip for gums, nose, or septum scars; or use clean rubber gloves if applying large amounts of the mixture from head to toe to cover all of your skin. 

Expedite results by using a Castor Oil Pack for targeting appropriate glands, organs, joints, etc. with heat.  

The mixture can be apple to the following areas for healing:

  • Thyroid. Apply below Adam’s apple
  • Scar tissue to break it up.
  • Joint pain 
  • Pre-menstrual discomfort areas such as the abdomen and/or lower back 
  • Abdomen during pregnancy 
  • Breasts during lactation in between feedings 
  • Bruises 
  • Other targeted glands and organs (e.g., adrenals, ovaries, etc.).  

Contains: Energy biodine with Acceleradine® 


Scalar enhanced, 100% pure castor oil free of chemicals and preservatives.

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