Accelerated Colloidal Gold


Accelerated Colloidal Gold


The amazing health benefits of colloidal gold have been documented for centuries. Now, discover Accelerated Colloidal Gold, super-charged with scalar technology to offer the ultimate support for mental health.

This best-selling Scalar Enhanced Colloidal Gold helps boost mental well-being so you can feel your best.

  • May Increase Focus and Concentration
  • May Enhance Mood
  • May Alleviate Anxiety
  • May Help Inflammation
  • May Help Skin Health
  • Made with proprietary Scalar Technology
  • Uses ozonated and UV sterilized distilled water
  • Bio Energetically Imprinted with healing codes to enhance beneficial effects
  • Alkaline pH
  • Safe with no risk of side-effects

Accelerated Colloidal Gold is programmed with scalar frequencies to:

  • Clear emotional and physical shock from the body
  • Improve memory
  • Improve spiritual health


Accelerated Colloidal Gold® is a registered trademark of Accelerated Health Products LLC.


Accelerated Gold has only 2 Ingredients

  • 30 ppm of 99.99% Pure Gold
  • Ozonated Distilled Water

Directions for use

Take 2-3 Tsp 1-4 times a day; leave in your mouth for at least a minute and then swallow. May be mixed with Accelerated Silver and Accelerated Copper.

Child usage and serving only upon recommendation of the child's doctor.


When you say you've improved your Accelerated Gold formula by applying Advanced Scalar technology and imprinting bio-informational healing codes, what does this mean?

The discovery of Scalar Waves by Nikola Tesla ushered a new era of science and understanding about energy and information. Our new formula uses proprietary scalar technology and we are able to imprint three dimensional standing wave forms or bio informational codes into our gold solution that can have a positive impact on our well-being. We are using the latest advancements in colloidal mineral production to bring you the smallest particle size possible with the highest Zeta potential. In other words we've enhanced the absorption and the efficacy of our gold solution beyond any other formula out there. Furthermore, Accelerated Gold is now made with only ozonated and UV sterilized distilled water and has an Alkaline pH. Most gold solutions are acidic.


What is the biggest difference between Accelerated Gold and other colloidal gold supplements?

Penetration! Most of the colloidal golds on the market are physical in nature, and therefore their argument is always particle size. The smaller the particle size, the better the penetration. True. But Accelerated gold is both a physical product, with the smallest gold particle size possible, as well as an energetic product that has the frequency of gold added to the solution using SCALAR technology. This not only allows for a more "charged" gold with a higher energy potential, but has the benefits of both particle and information of gold creating a true infoceutical product.

This allows for the deepest penetration in the body compared to all other gold.


What does Scalar mean?

Scalar is a type of non-hertzian waveform first discovered by Nikola Tesla. It has been discovered that cells communicate with each other using these types of waves to communicate bio-informational signals between them. We use a Scalar generator, Tesla scalar antennas connected to a bio-informational computer system to impart bio informational healing patterns into our Scalar products. We have found the natural 3 dimensional scalar fields allow us to record the highest quality patterns possible. Not only is Accelerated Gold a colloidal gold product but also an infoceutical supplement programmed with healing patterns to help ease anxiety and create better mental focus. We use Scalar technology to achieve this.

What is the PPM in your Gold?

Our Gold contains 30 PPM or parts per million of gold particles in solution. What is extremely important is not just the parts per million, but the size of each gold colloid. You can compare different gold solutions on the market and they will be different colors even though the ppm is the same.

Accelerated Gold has an extremely small particle size using a slow, long process of creating the colloidal gold using 99.99% pure gold bars under a propriety current in pure distilled water. This slow, painstaking process creates the smallest particle size possible and can be confirmed by the color of the solution, which is a light Lavender color. Additionally this small particle size easily passes the blood brain barrier where it can go to work helping the neurotransmitters work better in the brain.

What is the benefit of using Distilled Water in your gold formula?

Unlike most of our competitors who have abandoned using distilled water and now instead are selling reverse osmosis water-based solutions, Accelerated Health Products uses customized distillation technology as it clearly produces a more effective Gold Solution.

We understand that subtle biological and energetic properties can be lost when water is subjected to unnatural processes like Reverse Osmosis.

Can I take this if I am pregnant or nursing?

Check with your doctor before taking this product if you are pregnant or nursing.


Can I give Accelerated Gold to my children?

Child usage and dosage only upon recommendation of the child’s doctor.






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