Accelerated FACE LIFT Spray 4 oz


Accelerated FACE LIFT Spray 4 oz


An Advanced Natural Facial Spray containing all-natural micro-nutrition to replenish the skin & stimulate collagen production.

Accelerated Face Lift Spray contains hundreds of skin rejuvenating nutrients including nano collagen, nano hyaluronic acid, nano plant-based minerals, aloe polysaccharides, and wild ginseng extract.

It is bio energetically enhanced using water implosion technology and bio-encoded frequencies.

New & Improved Formula 

Now with doubled the collagen and more Frankincense Hydrosol for a more concentrated, powerful formula!

Why Accelerated Face Lift Spray

This Is Not Just Any Frankincense…

The Frankincense used originates in Dhofar region of Oman. It is called Royal Oman Frankincense Oil and is supplied Exclusively for the Sultan and the Royal Family in Oman. This is the World’s Finest Frankincense!

The resins are gathered by hand and only the finest quality crystals are named “Hojary”. They carry the highest quality resonance as well as the sweetest aroma.


The Healing Qualities of Frankincense

There is a reason Frankincense was one of the three gifts given to Baby Jesus! Much research has been conducted in regards to Frankincense, and the results of this research have proven the phenomenal Medicinal and Healing qualities of this precious oil.

The healing qualities of Frankincense are numerous: the Boswellic acids are known Anti-Inflammatory agents. In fact, Boswellia, which is the genus, has been used primarily in over a half of Ayurvedic formulas because it works so well with other herbs. It is a very potent Anti-Inflammatory agent, and it’s also Anti-Fungal and Anti-Viral and Antiseptic — all great healing aspects for the skin.

Frankincense is a resin from a tree, and when it’s first cut, it is viscous. It will drip and it will flow like a liquid. Then, as it dries, it hardens, so it becomes more like a crystal. When you burn it, it will turn into smoke. It is very similar to water in its characteristics, and can be liquid, solid and gas.

Frankincense is the same type of carrier as water – it works with the cellular memory of your body, and with the homeostasis and the dynamic balance of your body.


The Process of Obtaining Frankincense Hydrosol

Through hydrodistillation, the Frankincense is boiled and droplets of oil as well as the floral waters from the resin are collected. This method is one of the earliest methods of distillation, and only glass is used in the process.

Accelerated FACE LIFT with Frankincense includes 100% pure Frankincense oil as well as Frankincense hydrosols, which have floral waters from the resin and oil suspended with one another.


Before & After

Check out Susan’s results from using Accelerated FACE LIFT on her neck/chin 3 times per day for 8 weeks!


Susan before using Accelerated FACE LIFT:


Susan before using Accelerated FACE LIFT


Visible tightening of the skin under her chin after 8 weeks:


Visible tightening of the skin under her chin after 8 weeks

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