Dr Amie Hornaman's Hormone Fixxr


Dr Amie Hornaman's Hormone Fixxr


Women's Testosterone Booster

It’s time to be the badass female you’re meant to be! And have sexy lean muscle, less fat and more motivation to GSD!

Ladies, without testosterone you won’t have the motivation or drive to do anything!

  • No motivation to workout
  • No motivation to work
  • No motivation to have fun

Hormone Fixxr focuses on raising testosterone in females gently and naturally. No, you won’t turn into a man. But you will help your body get the benefits of more lean sexy muscle, which then helps you burn more fat, which gives you more confidence, which makes you want to have fun!


  •  Hormone Fixxr® helps balance hormones. It's designed to support hormonal balance by addressing common imbalances that can contribute to weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, and all other symptoms.
  • Enhanced weight management: By promoting hormonal balance, Hormone Fixxr® can help optimize metabolism, support healthy weight management and reduce the challenges associated with stubborn weight gain.
  • Increased energy and vitality: When hormones are balanced, it can result in increased energy levels, improved mood and enhanced overall vitality.
  • Increased libido: When testosterone levels become more optimal, libido can be enhanced.
  • Improved mental and emotional well-being: Hormonal imbalances can often lead to mood swings, irritability and emotional instability. Hormone Fixxr® can help stabilize these fluctuations, promoting a greater sense of well-being, mental clarity and emotional balance.
  • Overall wellness support: Hormone imbalances can impact various aspects of health, including sleep quality, immune function and skin health. Hormone Fixxr® works holistically to support overall wellness by addressing these imbalances.

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