MyVitalC Face Serum with ESS60


MyVitalC Face Serum with ESS60


MyVitalC Cosmetics use simple research backed ingredients proven to make your skin glow and hair grow.

Packed with powerful antioxidants and over 30 years of research, MyVItalC cosmetic products will help you look and feel your best. 

Take advantage of MyVitalC’s scientific background to build your skincare routine.

  • UTH29 is a peptide with 30 years of research supporting improvements with skin and hair
  • The ESS60 activator has had positive skin and hair testimonials first starting as customers where consuming the products
  • We created an ESS60 Face Serum with rave reviews
  • We wanted to blend the UTH29 molecule which is water soluble with the ESS60 activator which is oil soluble
  • We chose to release a two part Lotion and Activator set
  • No emulsifiers are used to mix the UTH29 with the ESS60 activator


Organic MCT, Organic Avocado Oil, ESS60®, Organic Chia Seed Oil Virgin, Organic Aloe SNO (Sunflower Oil), Tetrahexyldecylascorbate, Organic Argan Oil Virgin Deodorized, Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil Virgin, FSS Fruit Mix OS, LuxGlide N5, Fision®, EcoSil, FSS Vegetable Collagen Hydrolysate OS, Waterlily Oil, Rosemary Oil, Damask Rose Oil.

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