It's your turn to join others who have successfully reset their health and lost weight for the long term with the 30 DAY ASCENT DIET CLEANSE.

Can You Reset Your Health & Lose Weight In 30 Days? YES!!!

Have you been considering weight loss injections as the 'fast track' to weight loss? You are not alone!

Now, more than ever, millions of people across the globe are overweight, fatigued, bloated, suffering from unexplained headaches and so much more.

Regular diets and expensive weight loss injections ARE NOT THE ANSWER!

Experience the weight loss and health benefits of the Ascent Diet Cleanse!


Sara Banta, Certified Supplement Expert, Founder of Accelerated Health Products, and creator of the Ascent Diet Cleanse interviews people just like you, who have transformed their health with this revolutionary 30 day program.


Sara and her team of health experts wanted to deliver a program that not only helps people lose weight, but a program that resets your health.

"You don't lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight ", says Sara. "Too many people are experiencing unexplained weight gain, fatigue, irritability and losing faith in eating healthy because they are not seeing the results from healthy eating. They are still bloated, overweight and unhappy".

Sara continues, "With the Ascent Diet Cleanse, you receive the right supplements, daily group coaching, education and support. This program is truly one of a kind. I'm so proud of how many people we have been able to help since launching 12 months ago".


The 30 Day Health Reset & Fat Loss Challenge is simple. Join the next 30 day program (starting the first week of every month), take your measurements before and after the cleanse. Those successfully completing the challenge get a FREE ACCELERATED SCALAR COPPER™ to help fire up your body become a fat burning machine!

For less than the cost of a months supply of any weight loss injection, you reset your health, you lose weight in a healthy, sustainable manner, learn how to keep weight off, and get support from others completing the program.


We're here to help!

Not sure if the Ascent Diet Cleanse is for you? want to know more about the program? Contact us and our helpful team will respond within 24 hours.

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